Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eddie Murphy's last good movie, and more...

Shabuya!! What's up y'all? Coming at ya drinking decaf coffee. It's not bad. Of course it has some added sugar in it so I'm still going to be a bit WIRED! I watched Dreamgirls earlier today and sadly it's the last good movie Eddie Murphy has made thus far. Meet Dave was ok, but it left a lot to be desired. Norbit was just trash. Eddie Murphy's movies usually all have funny moments, not Norbit. I couldn't even laugh at Kat Williams or Eddie Griffin. If you haven't seen Norbit, you didn't miss anything. Imagine That I think has potential to be funny, but it's still not the Eddie we fans want to see. The premise to his movie A Thousand Words has potential to be hilarious, but we shall see. I didn't see Shrek The Third, and I understand that he's recorded voice overs for Shrek Goes Fourth. I just wish that Eddie didn't have to depend on animation to make a good movie, you know?

This past Friday night was night one of a Women's Conference the church was having and it was fire. We as a music department pierced the atmosphere that I think lingered throughout the rest of the service. Everything was done decent and in order. We, the choir, sang a song called Capacity by Jonathan Nelson. Part of the song goes like this, "God erupt inside of me. Inhale, exhale, freely breathe into me. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe on me." So after we finished, the speaker of the evening got up and led us into another go around. Then she started preaching. Oh my goodness. It was like mixing the preaching styles of Juanita Bynum and Marvin Sapp. I can't remember exactly what she spoke about, but I do remember that she talked about needing the Holy Ghost. The altar call was amazing as well. It was just a great night and I can't wait to see what Sunday Morning has in store.

The NFL Draft was tonight. No I didn't watch it, but I followed through twitter. I did however watch the NBA Playoffs. First was the Nuggets vs Hornets. At the beginning, I thought it was going to be a blowout by the Nuggets, then the Hornets came back and it turned out to be a good, close game. Then it was Spurs vs Mavericks. I don't care for either team, but I can say that I dislike the Spurs more than I dislike the Mavs. Tim Duncan would seem like a better player to me if he would stop whining. You're going to get called for a foul, it happens to everybody who plays in the league. Anyway, the Spurs lost by 9. The player I'm starting to like on the Mavs is Jose Barea. That little joker can ball. If he keeps playing like he's playing, look out for the Mavs in the playoffs. Now to the game I cared most about, Miami Heat played Atlanta Hawks. Heat dominated! Wade played in another dimension. Look out for the Heat in the East. They could go further than what other people think.

I know I haven't put on a video in a couple of weeks, and that's my bad. I can't think of anything. Also I mentioned twitter. You can follow me on twitter @BigDusty864. Cheap plug, ftw!

I did a podcast the other night. Go to and check out the masterpiece!! Ok it's not that great, but check it out anyway, will ya please?

Next week, I plan on ordering my first iPod!! Well that's exciting for me...

After I finish this, imma go back and work on my story. I'm trying my best not to get slacking on this. That's a bad habit that has cost me not to finish most of the stories I've written. BTW the new story can be read at

I think that's about all I got for this week. Be sure to keep me in your prayers and I'll continue to pray for y'all. Y'all be good. Stay strong. Stay saved.


Friday, April 24, 2009

4/24/09 Podcast

Prayer request for Yungtown, singing on Youtube?, I'm back on messageboards? All that and a little bit of singing, not my best, and more! Enjoy! Be free to advertise...


Saturday, April 18, 2009


So I didn't put any real thought to what I was going to blog about tonight. All I can say, and I'm sure all of my regular readers know this, is expect the unexpected. A DVD I ordered came in today, ECW Blood Sport. It had, apparently, the most brutal matches in ECW's history. Should I say original ECW's history. In the new ECW, I guess we can say that most of the matches have been brutal as in terrible. Anyway, I think the DVD was good. The matches was just what you'd expect from Extreme Championship Wrestling which is bloody and hardcore. WWE should look at this DVD and look at the crowd reaction. WWE should look at the history of ECW and look at the family atmosphere that was in the locker room. When you hear the ECW wrestlers talk they call their fellow wrestlers brothers. WWE doesn't have that. I've said this before,and I'll say it again. If you're not going to do right with the name ECW get rid of it. The originals took pride in ECW, and what WWE has done with it, is disrespectful. Extremely, pardon the pun, disrespectful.

Transitioning as only I can...A song that I really am loving now and a song that I've quoted through prayer night after night is "Running Back To You" by Fred Hammond when he was in Commissioned. Now, I don't know what Fred was going through when he wrote this, but I know it fits with me. My favorite part of the song is, "I'm running to you Jesus. Please take me home! See I've been in this run, way to long, and I can't do right any more. I'm tired of pain and I don't like fear, but Lord I want to be more sincere. I never should have left your side. Return me to your guiding light. When you return up in the air, I don't be left out here. I thank you for your saving grace. When I see your face, I'm running back to you." i get out of this song that, no matter how many mistakes you make, you can run to Jesus and he'll accept you with open arms. I know I've made mistakes, and still do. So yeah, I just love this song. Search for it on YouTube. Running Back To You by Fred Hammond.

Again, transitioning as only I can...Update on the cough. It's just about gone. I still sneeze and cough here and there, but it's not as bad as it was. So thanks to all that were and is praying for me. I appreciate it.

To the readers of my new story, first of all thanks for reading. I'm sure you're wondering what's the title going to be, or where am I going with the story. To tell you the truth, when I know, you'll know. I'm just going with the flow right now. So just be patient and hopefully if I keep at it, I'll figure out something. Now to those who don't know what the devil, I'm talking about. Just go to my other blogspot:

I'm up to 42 followers on the crack known as Twitter, and to tell you the truth I don't know how I got 2. To all followers reading this, thank you for following. I'll try to keep it interesting. My twitter is @BigDusty864...not that I'm promoting for more followers or anything like that.

Ok, I really got to head to bed now besides trying to figure out more randomness to type out. Got two services tomorrow, and I expect a mighty move of God in both. Y'all be good.

Stay Saved,


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter blog with other random thoughts

A little later than I originally wanted to post this, but hey it happens, you know? You do get tired. As a matter of fact, I'm tired now. Go figure, huh? I haven't had an energy drink in a while. (sighs)

So for Easter, or as some of us call Resurrection Sunday, Dad and I are heading down to the ginormous city of Camden, that's the one in South Carolina, to go to church with my Grandma. Mom and my sister are already down there just chillin'. It's been a while since I've been in an old school church service, and that's just what I'll be expecting tomorrow. I want to have a good time, don't get me wrong, but the chance of me hearing a song from the past 3 years are slim to none. Probably going to hear Easter speeches as well. Anybody remember doing those as a kid? Easter used to be the only time of the year you'd get a new suit. Am I right? This year I'm wearing something from the closet because I don't feel like wasting my time shopping for a new suit. I'm like this now, if it's in the closet, and it fits and looks good, why waste money? It's crazy, this is the one time of the year when the kids that don't dress up for church will come looking like something out of Steve Harvey's closet. I guess it makes sense because we are celebrating that Jesus rose from the dead. Speaking of that, did anybody else have to sing that cheesy song? "He arose, He arose, He arose from the dead..." Ah, I hated that song. Even as child, I was like, "What is this cheesy stuff we singing?" Again we're celebrating the fact that Jesus rose from the dead, and I don't want to imagine what the world would be like if he hadn't got up.

Another thing about Easter that I don't understand. Easter egg hunts. Eggs + celebrating Jesus = Easter? I don't get it. I just don't get it. Now, not to brag, but I used to DOMINATE Easter egg hunts. I'll always remember that there was an Easter egg hunt at my old apartments, and it was being held at the office area. Now the reason I remember this one is because I was first one to get in the basketball gym. All them plastic eggs, by myself. My friends, I was LOADED!! I also remember other kids coming in all late, and getting mad that I got them all. Good times, good times. One of the happier times I had as a kid.

As most of you guys know, I play drums. Don't do it much now because I'm in the church choir. Now, here's the kicker. My old church wants me to go back and play drums for them. I found out this morning, that my mom's church in Illinois, at least the Pastor's wife, wants me to play for them. At the church I am now, my playing time is slim to none. When I do play, I'm not ready. So when I do get my license, I'm going to be in quite a pickle.

I asked my dad this, I think it was yesterday. Gasp, yeah, I know, I asked dad a question go figure. Anyway, I asked him, when it comes to relationships, specifically when it comes to women looking for the "right guy," do the bad guys out number the good, or do the good out number the bad? I know the way television and society puts it, there's more bad than good. I personally think it's more of an even number than we all think, but we're all so "media blinded, that we can't believe that's the case. I heard my dad comment on the common used phrase that says, "All men are dogs." He basically said that you shouldn't be judged from what some other knuckle head did. Here's my thing. Women that say that have been hurt so bad, they are blinded to good. All they know is bad, or "dogs." So let's say that I was attracted to a woman that was in a bad relationship before. I go to talk to her, which would be a God sent miracle, but let's say I actually do go and talk to her, and you can tell she's resistant. Now what do I do? Do I continue to pursue? Do I do my best to convince her that I'm not another stereotypical guy? or Do I just be myself and treat her with respect that she deserves and let God handle the rest?

You know, living saved ain't easy. It's a battle every day. Especially when you're dealing with past issues and demonic spirits. Why would one want to live a life as hard as this? Let's face it, and be honest. Being sinful is easy. Living in sin is a piece of cake. But there's a phrase that comes to mind and it says, "No pain. No gain." Going to to Heaven is not easy, but the reward is worth it all. Going to hell is easy, but it's something you'll regret when it's too late to do anything about it. To answer my question from before, why would one want to live a life as hard as this? To get to Heaven. Nobody told me this road will be easy, right?

Ok y'all, that's all I got for this one. I hope you enjoyed it. Share your thoughts below. Remember, you can follow me on Twitter at:
Stay Saved,


Sunday, April 05, 2009

4/06/09 Podcast

I go from talking about a little over 20 people getting saved to talking about WWE's WrestleMania. Random transition, I know, but I'm a random guy. Will I be judged for that? I thinks not...

Friday, April 03, 2009

Cough, cough, go away come again...NEVER!!

Another week has gone by, and another week I've dealt with this cough. It's hard to sing with all your might and deal with a cough. And the weather here ain't helping. It keeps getting hot and cold, hot and cold. Now I know God doesn't hate anybody, but sometimes it feels like God has it for the upstate south carolina area. I know ever since I can remember, the weather has not been consistent here. So it's really no wonder a lot of people get sick. Like I said in one of my videos,, if you're going to come to the upstate area of south carolina, please, for your own health, pack for every season of the year. Trust me, on that. Like I said, I'm still dealing with this cough. I've gone through like 2 bottles each of NyQuil and Dayquil. I've had cough drops galore. Before you ask, no I haven't been to the doctor. The reason I haven't been to the doctor is because I have no health insurance. I have no job. As much as my dad worries about money, I don't want to add to the trouble. So, that's why I haven't been to the doctors. I'm asking for prayer for me. I hinted to this earlier, I'm in the choir at church as most of y'all know. I've been dealing with this cough for weeks. I don't even know how many. I'm believing God for a healing, and until then, I'm going to continue to the best of my ability sing in the choir.

So I was in my boy Yungtown's live chat room for the last like 20-30 minutes of it and a discussion came up on what is missing in today's Christian music. My answer to that question was substance and realness. I think people have the the tendency to write and say something because it sounds good to the listener. Now let me say that I do think that a small part of any music artist goal is to entertain, but that shouldn't be the major goal. The major goal should not be to necessarily preach, but I think it should be to teach and give some substance to the hearers. Weather if its your testimony, or if it's something that caught your eye in the Bible that touched you and you want to share it. All Gospel artists, I feel, should pray and talk to God before going to make an EP or a mixtape and ask, "What is it you want me to say to the listeners?" It's not about us, but it's about Jesus. I know everybody is saying that line now, but it's a true statement anyhow.

Is it just me, or are the so called top teams in the NBA falling off a little bit? A few nights ago, Lakers lost to the Bobcats. The Celtics barely beat the Bobcats the other night. The Cavs got murdered, MURDERED, tonight (4/3/09) against the Magic. So, are the top teams falling off, or are they saving it up for the playoffs? I'm going to throw this out there, and don't be shocked if it happen. I can easily see a team that doesn't have a winning record, winning it all. Yes, I said it.

I'm working on a story, again. Yes I know I've worked on plenty of stories throughout the years, and most of them, I didn't even finish. There will be no judging of me not finishing stories. Not cool. So yeah, I'm working on a new one. Don't have a title for it yet. I'm waiting to see where I go with the story first to come up with a title that works. If you want to see what I got so far check out my other blogspot:

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So y'all please, pray for me. Not only for the cough, but that I get off my lazy butt and do something. Rocky Balboa said it best, "If you stay in a place long enough, you are that place." That's how I'm starting to feel with this house.

I'm done. Just one more nugget. Joshua 1:8 in the New Living Translation says, "Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do." I think that verse explains itself, don't you? Y'all be good.

Stay saved,

Daniel aka Big Dusty