Friday, October 19, 2012

Thoughts at 4:30 in the morning...

Cue Turning Around For Me by Vashawn Mitchell.

Just thinking about some things and talking to God as well. I have people on my mind all the time. I have certain people that I’ve come to love on my mind all the time. I started wondering about as much as I think about them, am I even on their brain? Like as much as I’m thinking about them, do they ever have a thought about me? Do they even love me as much as I love them? Do we love God as much as He loves us? Do we think about God as much as God thinks of us? Think about it. God always has us on his mind, why? For one, we’re still here. His grace and mercy proves that he’s think about us. But do we think about him? Is God even on our brain?

Why is it that when I pour out my heart it’s not well received? Why is it when I tell that certain female how I feel about her, it seems like I get pitied like I’m a middle schooler trying to go after a college student? Times like these, I thank God that He’s not like man. You pour out your heart to God, and He actually listens. He actually cares about what you think. Thank God He responds when you pour out your heart to Him.

I wasn’t even going to do this blog because I had nothing. Nobody asked me to do a blog so I figured why continue to do them? But Steve Harvey said something one time, “A gift is something you do well with the least amount of effort.” Blogging is something that I felt like I was good at. Letting thoughts flow from my head to my hands to the computer has really never been difficult for me to do. Now I have learned what thoughts to put down and what thoughts just to leave in the brain. But it’s like I was letting this thing that I can do die because nobody wanted to see it utilized. How many people have let gifts and talents die because of the initial response? Most people are not going to like what you do. Judging by the responses to my blogs, I can assume that most of the folks I’m connected to through social media don’t like my stuff, but that shouldn’t stop me from doing what I’m good at, know what I mean? The more I do these the better I can get at them. If I stop doing them, I can’t become better. I just become worse. I love playing the drums, but my time of playing the set, I don’t do much. But just about every time I get on a set, I get better. One of the major things that hinder me on the set is doubting myself. Every time I doubt myself on the set, I play like that little boy that plays after church and gets told to get off. Doubted my skills on the blogging, hence no blogs in weeks. Doubt is a hindrance. It hinders you from doing what you know you can do. Don’t let doubt take over. Have confidence in what you know you can do, and just do it. Now, please know what you’re good at. Don’t be like these folks on American Idol and other shows like that and go on and say, “I know I can sing. I know I can sang,” and end up sounding so bad that you’d rather listen to static on radio. That’s why I said KNOW what you’re good at. Have confidence but also have common sense.

Sometimes you think about a person and that person doesn’t even know your first name. If you’re like me and care about people that don’t seem to really care about you, I say keep on caring. Don’t let their attitude affect yours. Family Matters, remember that show? Steve Urkel cared about Laura, but Laura didn’t care about Steve for the most part. Of course later on in the series, Steve and Laura ended up together, but the point I’m trying to make is Steve didn’t let Laura’s attitude affect his. Keep on caring. Keep on thinking about people and praying for them. If you let them know that you’re thinking about them and they brush you off, keep on doing what you’re doing. I’ve had that happened to me time and time, but they’re still on my mind, and I’m still praying for them. Keep on keeping on because they’re on your mind for a reason.

Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson
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