Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nice try Devil but you have lost again...

I'm not going to go into detail. All I'm going to say is that the devil tried to get me. He thought he had me, but somebody prayed. But God has won again. When they say there's power in the name of Jesus? I dare you to try it. Try using that name and the power that comes with it. I'm a living witness that it works.

Now to the regular scheduled blog. Well not that scheduled and that's my fault. Cue The Chidrens Bread by Tonex.

I realize at I'm becoming more of a crier. I'm becoming a little more like my dad than I realize. I'm already like him in certain aspects, but never was that much of a crier outside of church of course. What brought this on is I was watching Kevin Durant's MVP speech an when he got to talking about his time growing up with his mom and all that she did, I had to literally scream to keep myself from crying because the tears were there and ready to flow. I fought them back though because that's not what I USUALLY do. We as people are scared to get out of our comfort zone and that might hold you back from a miracle. Step out on faith just one time and I promise it will make an impact. Now make sure that it's God leading you. Don't step out of the will of God, that's not what I'm saying. What I am saying is that if God wants you to do something that's out of your comfort zone, step out on faith and do it. And of course it might not be as bad as it seemed to be.

Like take the song I'm listening to now. God Is by DeWayne Woods. I'm a natural shy guy. Been one all my life. I'm just not one to open up to folks in person. So I bring God Is up because I led this song at this church I used to attend New Harvest Ministries COGIC. And it was always nerve wrecking. Every-single-time. But I stepped out on faith and did it. It ended up being like a release of some sort for me.

Next week I'll be 27 years old. I didn't think I'd make 25 let alone 27. To God be the glory for the things he's done. Yes I'm still single. Never had a date in my life. But is that necessarily a bad thing? I mean I'm still here. Sill alive. God has done too much for me for me to be ungrateful because I've never "had a girlfriend." That's not to say that I don't want to go on a date or have a girlfriend or one day have a wife and all that, but my life does not depend on that stuff. I'm not just going to settle for the first girl that winks at me. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson
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