Sunday, May 24, 2015


I've heard it said that everyday you give a gift. When you open your eyes, it's a gift. I was at the barber shop waiting to get my haircut and there was a conversation going on and it was talking about high blood pressure. Go figure that I happen to have high blood pressure issues, right? Anyway, I was sitting there and they were talking about high blood pressure and then something was said that really stuck. It was mentioned that this lady died of a sudden massive heart attack, and after further research it was found that she had not took her medicine in months.

Why did it stick hard with me? I already documented that I spent my Christmas of 2014 in the hospital. Before that I had not took my blood pressure pills in months. Through God's grace I didn't have a heart attack, but it easily could've been me. My blood pressure had 3 digits with a 2 in front of it. It was very very high. If I remember right, the lady in the Urgent Care said it was high enough for stroke.

So now when I wake up every day, I'm very grateful. Cause it's another night I didn't have a heart attack or anything like that. I make it a priority to take my medicine everyday when I'm supposed to. This past May 22, I turned 28. It's a miracle that I made it to 28. Song writer put it like this, "It's really no goodness of my own, but it's by the grace of God that I've been kept all this time and I still have the mind to go on."

Everyday is a miracle because it's written in the bible that the wages of sin is death. Some of us have done some stuff that we will never tell anybody. Some real diabolical things, but because of God's grace and mercy we're still here. We thank God for new seasons, but why not thank God for a new day that you made it to? I'm not going to say everybody, but for Daniel Richerson, everyday is a journey. Everyday I have a choice to make. I don't make the right choice every time. I don't live pure and holy every second of the day, but I'm trying to make the right choice.

Old song says, "I am a promise. I am a possibility. I am a Promise with a capital P. I am a great big bundle of potentiality. And I'm learning to hear God's voice and I am trying to make the right choice. And I'm a promise to be anything God wants me to be."

I'm learning to live by this creed. Like the song says, "I say to my soul, soul take courage. The Lord will make a way somehow." Sometimes you really have to encourage yourself. It's not just a good slogan or a good quote. Put some action on it. 

Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson

Monday, May 11, 2015


Why do we as a people, I mean us a human beings, not talking race or ethnic groups, but why do we as a people believe he say she say more than we believe visual evidence? Back in the 90s there was a gentlemen named Rodney King. Y'all may have heard of him. But this guy was beaten on camera. I repeat "on camera" and all the officers got was a slap on the wrist. To old for ya? Ok let's go to the Garner situation that happened in NY. Again, on camera, caught choked out by the camera. Wasn't really a punishment for it, and America goes on it's "merry" way.

Let me mention Bill Cosby. It's my blog, I'll believe I'll mention his name again, Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby, third time, has been accused by over 40 women of being raped and drugged. No visual evidence. Just based on he said and she said. And just about everybody, expect for a few of us, believe Cosby did it. Cosby is guilty according to "public opinion." I remember another guy, Jesus,  that was guilty according to the public. I'm certainly not comparing the two, but it's amazing how he said she said can put a tarnish on somebody's life. I have read that Cosby was in trouble for the same stuff in 2004 and nothing came of it. But about decade later and comedian working a comedy club, said on stage that Cosby was a raper. And the video that was recorded got posted and spread, and then the accusers came out of hiding. Apparently what Hannibal Burris, the comedian, said, sparked a memory of "hurt" and they came out.

We all know what has been said by now, and if you don't you can google it. Because of all this un proven accusations, Cosby has been called out his name. Based of he said she said. Nothing yet proven. Now one asks, how can over 40 women be lying? I say, easy. They're lips are moving, no pun intended to Meghan Trainor. Or, for the love of money. I hear ya tho. "Daniel, it's over 40 women, he obviously did it." Word? Obviously? May not be obvious to everyone cause the old man is still working.

"How can money be made from this?" Books and Lifetime.

Now, those who know me, know I'm a big fan of Eddie Murphy. Some time ago, Eddie did a movie called Holy Man. Not a lot of people liked it, but I personally loved the movie. Anyway, Eddie played a character named G. G was a spiritual guy i guess you can say. He was on his pilgrimage and ran into this guy, Ricky, who worked for this home shopping network. Long story short, Ricky puts G on TV and sales sky rocket. G because a national phenomenon of spreading a positive message. Meanwhile another guy, Scott, is not understanding this popularity. So his motive is to take G down in any way. Spoiler alert, Scott, finds a family that G "abandoned" only to find out the woman was paid to accuse G. As soon as the accusations came out, the media lost all respect for G. Until the woman said she was lying, G was painted as the bad guy.

I compare Cosby to G because Cosby was a positive figure in the black community. Not all the black community, because Cosby told black people to act like they have common sense, he was painted as a old man who has no idea what's happening. So with the accusations, those same haters had more ammo.

I'm not trying to turn your thoughts on the Cosby situation one way or another, but what I am saying is don't believe the rumors of everything you hear. Check the motives. In church we often hear and say, "Try the spirit, by the spirit." Basically what I'm saying. And if you disagree with me, I don't hate you. I know that's a popular way to do things now, but I'm not that guy..

Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson