Monday, May 27, 2013

What if you woke up and you're back in middle school again?

Cue Trust In The Lord by Fred Hammond off the Life In The Word album. Not my favorite album by Fred but it has some good songs on there tho.

Random Question. What if one day by chance you woke up and all of the sudden you’re in middle or high school again. And you know all you know now. It’s not like your mindset went back too, but you know what you know now and you wake up and you’re back in high school or middle school again. What if? Let me share the potential of what I’d do.

First, if I’d woke up and I was in middle school, because I think that’s where most of my trouble started, I’d fix to my best ability all the trouble. I’d open myself up more in school. Probably do humor from today and claim I came up with it. You know. I’d probably use all of Kevin Hart material and just roll with it. Also I’d sing more. Back then I was the shy kid that would cry when the mic came to my face. I’d show more confidence. What’s crazy is by this time I was already singing in the state choir at state conventions. But knowing me also if the wrong person say something to me, I’d be the one out bring their real future as an insult to them. So wrong I am. Also I’d clean my room to stop some of the bad habits I have now. Not saying I have bad habits now, but just in case…judging niggs…

Now’s here’s the question of questions. Would I’d still grow my hair out. I mean that’s how I got the name Dusty in the first place. 7th grade, two boys compared me to Dusty Rhodes and BAM! I think I’d still grow the hair, and take care of it better than I did. Possibly keep the braids in longer than a couple of days.

Also I’d focus on my school work more. By that I mean actually focus on my school work, because to be honest, me and school work had 0 to no relationship. So I’d actually do my homework. Which would probably give my mom in particular a heart attack. She would wonder what changed overnight, and I’d be smart and say, “I woke up thinking different.” Then give her that famous smile.

Now that I’d think about it, I would learn the value of soap. For some reason I made soap an enemy back then. Don’t judge me nigg…y’all had issues back then too.

Going back to the school work thing, I wouldn’t skip school. I don’t know why I even tried to skip school because my little big mouthed sister would hate on me from the get. And believe me that hasn’t changed. That little bra—I mean sweet little sister I got would still hate on me if she had an open door. Maybe I shouldn’t leave that door open…ah well screw it.

Of course it’s easy to say what I would do different between 1998-2005 in 2013. But here’s the point, I can’t change the past but I can dictate the future I’m going to have by the decisions I make now. I strongly believe the decisions I made back when had a lot to do with me being homeless, depressed, and all the above I’ve been through in life. It happened. Like it or not it happened. I can either learn from it or let it dictate my life now. You may not be able to go back in time and change the decisions you made back then, but you can definitely change the decisions you’re making now. Good or bad, you can make a change. It’s written that with God all things are possible. So change is definitely possible.

Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson

Twitter: @Big_Dusty

Saturday, May 18, 2013

05/18/2013 early morning thinking

Cue My King by JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise. If you haven’t got that After This album, what are you waiting for?

I got a question. Missed opportunities. What do you do when missed opportunities happen? Eminem said some years ago, you only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow cause opportunity only comes once in a lifetime…is that true? So when you miss that so called one shot, do you just give up on life at that point? Or do you move on and say ok, I messed that up. On to the next adventure, and I won’t make the same mistakes I made last time.

I’m not asking all this to sound depressed. I was watching this dude do his thing at a church and I played drums behind this dude for about 6 months while he was on the organ. As I was watching him sing on stage, I had to fight back tears thinking back on how I messed things up during my six months up there. So to not cry I had to stop watching the video and get to this blog. As y’all know this is where I let my thoughts out because I don’t talk to anybody. I have numbers I can call on my phone but I don’t call them out of fear of the reaction. I’ve painted myself as a black sheep. Notice I said I’ve painted myself as a black sheep. So with that pressure I’ve put on myself, I think nobody cares. Even when I know for a fact that is false. Anyway, so missed opportunities. What did I do after I messed up the Midwest trip? Not a thing. I didn’t do a thing. Nothing to move life forward. I took the low road. I beat myself up. Which lead to situations that I never thought in my life I would be in.

What am I saying? It’s your choice on how you handle missed opportunities in life. You can take the low road like I did, or you can keep you head up, realize you’re breathing, and work hard toward the next one. So Celebrate by Hezekiah Walker just came up on iTunes. A song that was sung where I wasted 6 months. I had to skip it. When you know your state of mind is not where it should be, you can’t give place to encourage it to get worse. You got to skip that track, change the channel, put the phone down, etc. What you feed will grow. You feed into the habit, it will grow into something worse. You feed into your faith, your faith will grow. My mom would say this often, “You eat fat greasy food, and you’ll be a fat greasy dude.” Watch who you hang around with. I know that for a fact. Here’s a story that I don’t think I’ve told yet. When I was in high school, I would hang around with a friend of mine that I’ve known since 3rd grade. And one year, he got saved. He and a couple of other friends in the same group I was hanging with got saved. So as they’re mindsets changed, my mind changed. My mannerisms changed. I know for a fact that who you hang with will influence your choices and your mindset. I don’t how I got on this subject, but I’m just saying be careful. My old pastor once said that everyone needs about 4 people around them. This going to the story in the Bible, where the lame man was outside and wanted to get in where Jesus was, so 4 other men got him to the roof of the building and dropped him through the ceiling.

So let me try to get back on topic. What do you do when you miss a chance? My opinion, again this is the opposite of what I did, but I say that you brush your shoulders off and move on. Don’t dwell on it. Keep smiling. Keep pushing. Learn from your mistakes and keep working hard. Don’t be afraid to work. Don’t be afraid. Even if you are afraid, push yourself out of that chair, couch, or bed and go on. A song I love says, “I’m going on in the name of the Lord/Reaching for my goal/my eternal life reward/God is a mighty fortress in the time of storm.” Got to take the good with the bad. I’ve heard it said with no dirt, there’s no growth.

Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson