Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Reality Chapter 12

Daniel’s mom told him that the garage would be a good place to have a set of drums. Daniel took that to mind, while Jeanette didn’t pay much attention to it. Some time ago, Daniel started to clean the house. At first he cleaned the living room area by stacking up paper and making everything look neat on the coffee and in-tables. He got mad props from Jeanette and Rich when they came home from work. Time after that, Daniel cleaned the bathroom because his sister Alisha was coming home. Either way Daniel decided that since he wasn’t going to work or college, he was going to help keep the house clean to the best of his ability.

So some time after he cleaned the bathroom, Daniel worked on the kitchen and dining room area. He even swept and mopped the floors, something that really hasn’t been done in a while. Again, he got props from his parents when they came home from work. They even promised Daniel that he was going to get paid for doing that. Now, Daniel probably shouldn’t have accepted getting paid, but he wasn’t getting paid any other way.

Then one day, Daniel and Ginger, his dog, opened the door that leads to the garage. He looked around as Ginger was wagging her tail thinking about how he could possibly get the garage looking decent. The garage made a landfill seem clean. Daniel looked at Ginger. Ginger looked up with her tail wagging licking her chops at the same time.

“Ginger, we can do this.” Daniel said.

Ginger looked in the garage, and then walked to the back door to get Daniel to take her out. Day by day past and Daniel didn’t even touch the garage door. As the day was passing, his church was having a 3 night conference called Harvest Fire. It’s the only big conference Daniel’s church has a year. His pastor calls it “his baby.” Now Daniel and his family just joined the church some months ago, so this was their first Harvest Fire. The conference really started Sunday morning with the Pastor speaking, and it went through Tuesday night. It was one of the most powerful conferences Daniel had ever been to in his life, and he’s been to plenty.

The last night was the most awesome night Daniel had ever seen because it was like God allowed the people to visit him instead of God visiting them. Daniel usually cries with the anointing is strong is church, but for some reason or another no tears was coming. Jeanette even called Daniel down from the musicians stand and prayed for him, but Daniel just stood there waiting for the tears to come like they’d usually do. They never did. People were speaking in tongues and falling out all around him, and Daniel was just standing there with his arms raised. He didn’t understand.

Besides all that, the conference was still the best conference Daniel had ever been to. The day after the conference ended, Daniel went in the garage and worked on stacking things up to clean up a little. It was hard work, but Daniel got enough finished for one day. Jeanette and Rich were proud. Rich said, “You’re just trying to take all my money, aren’t ya?” Later that night, Daniel over heard Jeanette talking to his Grandma that he might get a used set of drums to get some practice. Daniel wants to be the best drummer he can be, and practice makes perfect.

Daniel signed on a messenger and this girl that he really can’t stand imed him. She asked what he did, and Daniel told her. She then said, “Kool. Sounds fun.” Daniel responded by saying, “The devil is a lie.”