Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Cue Make Me New by Mali Music. This song has ministered to me in such a way…not even playing. It’s like I’m tripping a lot, but God I’m just asking you to make me new. Wash my heart, Wash my hands. I want to worship You. Check it out if you haven’t heard it...BLOG!

What do you do when no one gives you a pat on a back? What do you do when no one says, “You did good” or “I enjoyed you.” What do you do when no one gives you any congrats whatsoever? It’s easy to say, “I’m doing this for the Lord” because we’ve been trained to say that. “To God be the glory.” “Pray for me.” You know the stuff they train you to say. While at the same time you’re looking for that one indication that what you did was good. You’re looking for somebody to love what you did. What do you do if none of that comes? Do you quit doing what you do? Do you just quit, period?

I think it starts with the mind. Your mind has to be in the right place. You got to love yourself. You got to know what and who you’re doing it for. Whatever that it is. When it comes to your job, you know, you may not be perfect, but look at it this way, you haven’t been fired. So stop being down on yourself. Continue to do what you do, and if you need to do better, your managers should help you. If you feel you need to do better, do it. I was talking to a young buck today about second chances. I was telling him God gives you chance after chance to get saved and get your soul right. Once you’re dead, your chances are through. Now back to your job. Day after day you’re not fired, that’s another chance to do better. It’s a sad thing when you know what to do, but you stick to what’s been “working.” Just because you haven’t been caught yet doesn’t make it right.

When it comes to church, you have to know that you’re doing what you’re doing for God and nobody else. Not for the pastor. Not for the mother of the church. Not for the minister of music. Only what you do for Christ will last, right? You want to hear God say well done, right? So why not just worry that God gets the glory? That’s what it’s all about. As long as God gets the glory. That’s why they tell you to say, “To God be the Glory” or “Pray for me” when somebody gives you that pat on the back, to stay humble. Maybe the reason you don’t get that much pats on the back from people is because God doesn’t want you to get a big head. Nothing worse in the church than a guy who’s full of himself. Keep your head up. As long as what you did gave God the glory and it wasn’t for a show, then it’s all good. If you did it for a reaction, then you need to check yourself. Bottom line.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s awesome to know that someone enjoyed what you did. If someone was touched through what you did. I do believe that some of it has to do with the love that we have for ourselves. Some of us just don’t love ourselves like we should. I’m not talking about weight or anything like that. I’m a firm believer that you can have extra weight on you and not hate yourself. I’m talking about the believing in yourself kind of love. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect others to? If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect others to? Your life does not depend on your posse because if that was the case, I’d been dead. I have no posse, but that’s a different blog. Anyway, I think it also comes with do unto others as you want others to do unto you. You want to be loved, you got to love. You want to people to talk to you; you have to talk to people. You reap what you sow. Sow love, you’ll reap love. Sow congrats, you’ll reap congrats. Sow feedback, you’ll reap feedback.

Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson
@Big_Dusty on Twitter and Instagram

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Ok I was going to post the lyrics to It's Been Awhile by Staind because you know it has been some weeks since I've done this and you know I figured it would fit...THEN I googled the lyrics....yeah, not even close to the situation here. Moving on...Cue--actually, right now I'm watching Think Like A Man. It's a great movie. Kevin Hart is who you would want him to be in this movie, Kevin Hart.

So just a little update, I'm finally doing some job searching after months of saying, "I hate this job," and doing nothing about it. Now here's the hard part, the heck am I searching for? Short term goals? What would I be willing to do? Where am I willing to go? Good questions. Very good questions....don't judge me, ok? All this just doesn't happen in an instant. Process people. Not the process you put in the hair, but the process that is also called steps. Taking steps. Steps...are taking.

Now, another thing I've been thinking about. Personal stuff. Like when things don't go the way we want them to, whether it's a job or a relationship, do we really believe God knows what he's doing? Do we really believe that God has the best for us? That's what I'm learning. I've been in love, or thought I was in love with a couple of women in my lifetime, and nothing. Most of my former classmates, married and doing the dang thing. Being 25 now, I figured my life would be so much further ahead than it actually is. You know what? Maybe it should be. The reason I'm not there yet, is not God's fault. It's my fault. In a race, it's important to stay in your lane. Some of our problems is, we get try to take detours. We put in our own road blocks. We see other people thriving and we become spirtual rubber neckers slowing down our own personal traffic or walk. So back to the woman thing for just a sec. Maybe the one I think is the one, may be the one---for someone else. You know? Giving God control, literally means giving God control. I remember watching Steve Harvey on TBN one night and he was talking about a particular situation that happened in his life and then he said, "This was the first time I ever just let God handle it." Old song by Kirk Franklin says, "It really doesn't matter what you're going through. Just call on Jesus, He'll work it out for you. His yoke his easy, and his burden's light. Just give it to Jesus, He'll make it all right. He can handle it!" Just you and to me. Let go. Let God.

Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson aka Big Dusty
@Big_Dusty on Twitter and Instagram