Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas to one and all!

So I'm seeing all this "Christmas cheer" going around and I guess it's a good thing. People being nice to each other. People acting like they got some sense, ok some acting like hey got some sense. Now really, shouldn't it be like this everyday? Shouldn't we be nice to each other, everyday? Why does it have to be just Christmas for us to feel all cheerful? Oh yeah that's right because the "secular world" has programmed us to hate life and hate ourselves except on Holidays. At least that's what it seems like to me. Another thing I want to get off my chest is this whole "X-Mas" thing. I understand it takes up less space, but to me it's real disrespectful to the reason of the season which is Jesus. Before I go further, to any Bible Scholars out there don't even bother because my dad already told me. The point is, I feel, is that X-Mas is taking the Christ out of the Holiday. I know people feel no harm from it, but I really take it personal when I see all these, "Merry X-Mas" going around. And some are from Christians, which is mind boggling to me. There's a song that I used to listen to all the time that talks about the world needs to know that Christ is Christmas. Some of you may not think is a big deal, but it is to me, and I feel it should be to other Christians and "Christians" out there.

So it's 3:18 on Christmas morning as I'm typing. In about 4 hours we're going to be opening our gifts, then we're going to be heading off to my Grandma's house. Odds are I probably won't be going to bed tonight. It would be a waste of time if I do. I didn't say I wasn't going to sleep, but the odds of getting a good sleep is slim to none. Anyway, the reason I'm even up right now is because my mom wanted me to put music on her mp3 player. So after I added all the songs mom wanted, I shuffled the list. Then when I tried to sync the list, it jacked up the order I had it in. So I had to stop the sync, add the songs back on, shuffle again to my liking, save it as a playlist, then get to syncing only to have it jack the list up again, then stopped the sync again, added the playlist I saved, and finally got it to sync the way I wanted it to. AND, I still got a mix cd or cds to burn to listen to on the way to Grandma's house. Merry Christmas to me, I guess.

Word to the wise, if you wear a du-rag, don't put it on to tight. I had my du-rag on so tight last night, that there's still a mark on my forehead now. People at church kept asking me what happened. Thinking about it now I should've just made up some stories. Of course that would be lying, and as we all know, lying is wrong.

You know, if I ever find the one girl made for me, I want everything to be just perfect. Well as perfect as it can be. I don't want to go out on dates with her. Now the reason I say that is because, the way dating is used now, it's nothing but a make-out session that usually leads to bumping and grinding. I just want to be friends. Before any of y'all think it, I know the term, "Let's be friends," is usually a bad thing, but does it really have to be? I would want my wife to be my best friend. Being best friends, would mean that I we would have conversations. We wouldn't flirt with temptation, like I talked about in the previous blog. I don't know. And personally, I would want the first kiss to be on the Wedding Day. None of that making out crap, because to me that's flirting with temptation. I hear some people talking about making out and dating, and they treat it like they're trying on girls like trying on some jeans to see how they fit. Is that really classy? Does it really take for you to swap spit with like 10 girls to realize that you found the right one? I don't want to go through that. I would want the wedding to be pure as can be. Nobody is perfect, and I understand. But I serve a God...

Ok, so let me get to making this mix CD for the road, and try to rest my eyes for a smidge. Y'all thanks for reading. I know theres other blogs you could've read but you chose to read mine and it's appreciated. I hope you make time to comment and subscribe. Stay saved.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't give place for something bad to happen

That's something I think we all got to work on. This is not just for Christians, I think it's for all of us. The Bible talks about not giving place to the devil. We sometimes leave ourselves wide open for something bad to happen. We flirt with temptation. A person trying to quit smoking should not keep the temptation of cigarettes in reach. That's flirting with temptation. A person trying to get delivered from a perverted spirit, should not search videos or TV shows that will trigger something. Notice I said search, because I'm willing to bet that those movies, videos, or whatever are going to show up out the blue. When that happens, it's on you to change the channel or do what you have to do, but if you continue to watch them, you're flirting with temptation. Let's say you're a Christian couple, and both of you believe that sex before marriage is wrong. You shouldn't put yourselves in a predicament that would cause something sexual to happen. You shouldn't do certain things thinking, "I'm strong enough or I know better not to let anything crazy happen." I know people that's thought that and nine months later the baby is crying begging for milk. All in all, I'm saying don't flirt with temptation because it will show you that you're not as strong as you think you are. Trust me on that.

So what's up y'all? Another week another blog. I did a podcast the other day for the first time since the election. I posted the link in a blog entry before this one, so after reading this. Go to the link and check out the podcast if you haven't already. For those who don't know I've been sick for the past days. I guess when my mom left for her field assignment she felt that she would leave her sickness with me. I'm feeling better now though. I can actually breathe a little bit and talk normal. Because of the sickness I couldn't go to choir rehearsal last week, and for me that sucked. I love music. I love singing, and when I get the chance, I love to play the drums. Most of y'all know that. So missing a rehearsal was hard. Hopefully this week I can get back on track.

For the record, my mom is not in Chicago. Some of you know that she went to Illinois, and immediately people started thinking she was in Chicago. She's actually 4 hours away from Chicago, and about 30 minutes from St. Louis. Just for the record.

So anyway, I haven't really been up to anything besides being sick. Went to a good Christmas banquet for church. The members found out how much I can talk. For all of you that think I'm quiet, um, not no mores. My sister claims I talk more than her, but I don't know how that's possible. FYI, be on the lookout. My youtube channel,, could be used to promote a local gospel rap group. Which means that I'll actually post videos that will get views. I haven't got details on that, but I'm just sayin.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

12/11/08 Podcast

If you don't know how to listen, it's real simple. Just click the link, then click hi-fi. Then enjoy.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

yo yo yo yo yo, yo, YO!

You have to be a fan of the WWE to know what the title means. Don't worry, it most likely has nothing to do with what this blog is going to talk about this week.

So this morning my mom left for her field assignment. She's on a two day drive on her way to Illinois. She's going to be gone for a year or more coming home once a month. It's really going to suck more than a hooker on a Friday night. Mom left me with a man that makes Oscar the Grouch the nicest man on Earth. I'm sorry to all family members and church members that are reading this in advance, but my dad is a pain. And it's going to be pure hell for the next year. I wouldn't blame my sister for not coming home at all, even if it's to do laundry. Now I'm not going to spend more time bashing the man that is my dad, but I am going to say that if anything's a wake up call for me to get myself together, this is it. If I don't get myself together as in get a job, get my license, etc. and just spend time by myself getting more depressed and more's nobody's fault but mine.

Now, changing the subject all together. Jack Black. I think he's a great performer. He's a great entertainer. With that said, I've lost a lot respect for him. There's a video circulating around, if you haven't seen it, with celebrities protesting the decision made in California on Prop 8. On one side they had celebrities impersonating priests and church members, and on the other side they had celebrities impersonating homosexuals. Then later in the video, Jack Black came out dressed out as Jesus. I guess that was supposed to be funny. If it was, you have to forgive me if I don't laugh. I don't find it funny playing with the Bible. I don't find it funny, or ok, making a joke of the Bible. In the video, or should I say, what I saw of it, the people mentioned the fact that in Leviticus it says that homosexuality is a detestable sin. Jack Black came out dressed as Jesus, as I said, with some shrimp saying that Bible said that shrimp was wrong. Now if you read around Leviticus 11:10 on, it does talk about not eating certain animals and other things. It does say that. But, if you go to Acts the 10th chapter, Peter was on a roof top hungry. And a blanket came from heaven with all kinds things that were considered an abomination in Leviticus. God told Peter to rise, kill and eat. Peter said in so many words, "How can I, when it's unclean." Then God said, "What I call clean, don't you call unclean." All this reminds me of when Satan tried to tempt Jesus by using the Word. Satan got schooled then, so why would he try to use celebrities to do the same thing. Another thing. I don't know about y'all, but God's wrath is something I don't want to play with. You can play with God's wrath, but not me sir. Not me.

I was thinking the other day. I have online friends, and I'm thankful for y'all. PraiZe, Yungtown, and others. Y'all my people. But there was a time when we as a family was living in a 2 story apartment. In the aparment complex, I used to have friends that I was actually in contact with. Two dudes Gregory and Dustin I met at random. I met Gregory while he was fishing with his Dad, and I forgot how I met Dustin, but that's beside the point. We were, in so many words, a clique. My sister was with us too. What I'm basically saying is that I had friends. We'd play outside. We'd go to each other's apartments and just chill. What happened to me that I've lost the ability to attract friends. It seems like after high school, I've become this loner that has gained a "nobody likes me, everybody hates me" type of thing. I've gained a lot of associates at church and where ever, but other than that...just mainly my online people I hit up. Sometimes I barely talk to them. Not on purpose by any means. So what's wrong with me? The Bible says if you want friends you have to show yourself friendly. I must not be doing a good job.

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P.S. If you must know I'm currently listening to "Jesus Be A Fence" by Fred Hammond. Noisy...:D