Thursday, May 26, 2011


Before I get into what I'm going to blog about, let me say that I know it's been a good while since I've blogged anything, and the best way I can explain myself without giving too much away is that I've been going through hard times. I do mean hard, and yet I'm keeping the faith. I'm staying strong. I do desire your prayers. Like Commissioned once sang, "I'm going on in the name of the Lord."

Let me get this out the way. I know this year the Miami Heat gained a lot of fans because of Lebron. Bandwagon fans. I'm NOT one of them. I became a fan of the Heat because I heard Rafer Alston was playing for them, and that was back when the Heat had Lamar Odom.
Lebron James. Lebron "King" James. Drafted right out of high school. Spent 7 years with the Cleveland Cavs, and after "The Decision" as he called it, he's now a Miami Heat, my favorite NBA team, and they are now 5 wins away from the NBA Championship. I shouldn't be this shocked, but I'm amazed at the hatred toward this guy. I always thought it was only Cleveland and Laker fans, but it's just about everybody who is not a Heat fan. People are mad about his nickname, King. Believers are especially mad that because of the King James Version of the Bible. I admit, it's an easy target to shoot, but I think it's clever. I know this is said a lot about Christians about being to deep, but I think this is one of those cases where it's valid. Come on y'all. I can't tell y'all how many times I get called Daniel In The Lion's Den or Daniel son. It's an easy nick name to have. Like a guy named Richard being called Dick, or a guy named William being called Billy.

Now to what literally everyone is in an uproar about, "The Decision." People say that they're not mad about what he did, but are mad about how he did it. First off, Lebron James is a name. No one can argue that. He put his face with a product, people are going to buy that product whether it's shoes, insurance, or whatever. The man is money. With that being said, I have no problem with how he did it. "The Decision" generated 6 million dollars, and people are acting like the money went in his pocket. The money went to charity. Was it a publicity stunt? Yep. Did it have everyone focused on him? Yep. Was it a money generated move? Yep. Again, the money went to charity.

Then you got the people from Cleveland talking about he "turned his back on the city." To my knowledge, he was still born in Ohio. He still graduated from a high school in the state of Ohio. Correct me if I'm wrong. Lebron still reps the city even in Miami, just like D-Wade represents Chi-Town in Miami. Just like KG represents Mauldin, SC in Boston.

Then you got all these folks talking about "this never would happen back in the day," or "Michael Jordan would never do something like this." New flash: this is not back in the day, and the Jordan era is done. This is 2011. You can't expect players from today to made decisions like they did "back in the day." It's a new day ladies and gentlemen, whether you like it or not. Lord willing if we live to see 2031, I wouldn't expect players to make decisions like they do now because it will be a new day.

They say that these 7 words kill the church, "We've never done it this way before." Ladies and gentlemen can I say that those words not only kill the church, but they kill businesses in general. What Lebron did was different. It was controversial. But it was all for a good cause. Never mind the fact that he went to Miami for less money, by the way.

Now, Lebron did apologize, but I think that was for the reaction to "The Decision" rather than "The Decision" itself.

This is my opinion. This wasn't planned, but it was the freshest thing on my mind. So here you go folks. I hope it makes up for the long hiatus. Thanks for reading. Share with all you know and don't know. Twitter and Facebook info is on your right. I'm still doing my thing on DailyBooth. Hopefully sooner than later, YouTube and Podomatic will get back active. Until next time...

Stay Saved.

Daniel Richerson aka Big Dusty