Saturday, November 29, 2008

lol, lmbo, haha....SHUT UP

Don't judge me for the title, it was the most creative thing I could think of, k? So I got a comment for the last blog that said it was difficult to follow the blog because I kept showing what I was listening to. I got that concept from Matt Hardy, who is the WWECW Champion and also one of my favorite wrestlers WWE offers right now. Anyway he sometimes types random blogs, but he calls them "Cryptic Blogs." In those particular blogs he types out random stuff sometimes with hidden messages in them, and in the midst he types out what he's listening to on his iPod. So I figured I should add to my randomness and do it myself. Not necessary the hidden messages thing, but the thing with showing what I'm listening to. It makes this feel more like a diary you know? FYI, I'm listening to "You Are God" by Voices of Unity.

So there's a video out there that y'all really need to check out in my opinion. It's basically a video rant on what happened on this past "Black Friday." Where a guy got trampled to death while shoppers rushed in a Wal-Mart to get whatever they could with the deal. Some of y'all know of Chris Thompson aka Jungleboy. He's the one that did the rant. The link to his youtube is: The video is right on the page as of this moment. It's a real touching video. Now my opinion of the whole sitution? I think that's extremely sad that we as a society are so driven by material things that we seem to live and die by them. Chris said it in the video that the Holiday season is not about the gifts, it's about spending time with your family. I made a comment on the video saying that we need to start enjoying life. We need to teach the next generation what's right and wrong. We need some real parents, not the new millenium parent, because that doesn't seem to be working. Anyway check out the video, and share your thoughts with him. And if you want to know because you're noisy, I'm currently listening to "Praise Him" by Byron Cage.

I hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. We made food like we were feeding a football team besides 4 people. So if y'all hungry for some leftovers, we got more than plenty. The food was good though. It's become a tradition that my sister has to get the first plate. I don't know why or how it actually became a tradtition, but for the past how many years, she's always got the first plate. It's truly insane.

Back to the "Black Friday" thing for just a sec, I just saw something in the newspaper that said that two people were shot to death in a crowded toy store. Are you freaking kiddin' me? Brad Pitt said something in the movie Fight Club, "Things you own end up owning you." People stop letting things own you because of you let material things own you, things like this happens.

So some nights ago, I was honored to be one of two people to write a review for a mixtape. Two of my friends Yungtown and PraiZe collabed on the mixtape and they did a tremendous job. It's a Gospel rap mixtape. I recommend y'all to check it out. It's a free download, and it's worth it. Here's the link: I was in a chatroom last night, because Yung and PraiZe was on a online radio show promoting the mixtape. This chatroom reminded me of why I left messageboards. Some of these people were more annoying than watching an episode of Mind of Mencia.

Aight y'all thanks for reading. To all the followers, subscribers, readers. If you haven't, please subscribe and I try to keep these interesting. Stay saved.

~Big Dusty

Friday, November 21, 2008

Who knows what's coming out my fingers next?

To all my subscribers, readers, and friends! What's up? Starting off with "Death Story" by Lecrae on Windows Media. Again this week don't really have a straight topic I want to go over. Am I the only one who finds those Geico commercials hilarious? In my opinion, those are the best ones being put out right now. "Don't Be A Fool" by Elle Es is playing now. It was same old stuff different week for me. Didn't do anything at all. The evaluations hadn't happened yet at church, but i've come to the point where when it does happen, I'm going to breathe in deep, and just say three words, "Bring it on." "Thou Are Worthy" by John P Kee is playing now. It's like, I'm going to be in a no where to run, no where to hide type of scnerio anyway, so I might as well take it. It's like that episode of Tom and Jerry, yes I do watch Tom and Jerry, when Tom was locked up with a bull. The bull was chasing Tom and Tom had no where to get out. So he put on a blind fold and lit up a cigarette, and let the bull run him over. That's sorta how I'm going to take the evaluation, except without the cigarette you know. Lung cancer is pain I hear. "Lookin Out For Me" by Kirk Franklin is on. So I've been spendin a lot of time lurking in Live Video chat rooms. Good God do the host hate that. If you want to tick a Live Video host off something awful, lurk in the chat room and don't a word. Ooh, the response is classy. Not really classy, but it's highly entertaining. Nah, I do go into the chatrooms sometimes, it just depends on who's in there. There is one particular person I refuse to be in the same room in. That's all I'm going to say about that. "Rivers Flow" by Marvin Sapp is playing on the Windows Mediacles. So I've been getting angry a little bit too easily lately, and sadly my mom's been getting the worse of it. That's definitely not fair to her. What's real sad is I know what the Bible says about anger, and yet I still sometimes let it control me. I personally think it's a sign that I really need to get out of this town and/or house. I'm losing the little sanity I do have everyday I continue to stay at home and do nothing, and I do mean nothing, with my life. It's nobody's fault but mine, and I know that. Will I do something about it? Your answer is as good as mine, because I really can't tell you. If any of you have AIM be free to hit me up. My screenname is BigdDrums. The only instant message I got this week was while I was typing earlier in the blog from a friend of mine, JKCT. Don't ask what that stands for because I don't have the slightest. "Restoration" by Ruben Studdard is on now. Recently I started using Firefox rather then Internet Explorer. I notice, at least for me, that it's quicker and better then IE ever was. I'm thinking that I'm going to have hot cocoa with the whip creamacles on top. Sounds so good right now. "Overcommerture" by Israel and New Breed is playing now. Should I be scared that my dad tends to say stuff to himself the same things I'd say when I was a little kid? Just a thought. "That Ain't Nothin'" by Fred Hammond is on now. Just a quick message to all that is still trashing Obama. Let it go. Just let it go. I think some of y'all are underground racist and just scared to admit it. Yes I said it. Boom suckahs!! Seriously, I saw something that this guy was going to get a T-Shirt with a baby on it with a statement that said something like "If my child makes a mistake, I don't want her to live with the baby." With Senator Obama written on the bottom. Come on sir. That's way to far, and so far over the line even Bill Maher is like, "Come on sir." "You've Been A Friend" by Israel and Newbreed is ending the show tonight. Thanks to all that's has subscribed. If you haven't subscribed please do. Y'all stay saved.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Expect Anything

Starting this blog off with "There Is A Balm In Gilead" by the Clark Sisters. I'm bored. Just letting y'all know up front. So don't expect this blog to be as deep as they have been recently. So I got an instant message from this guy I haven't chatted with in months. Really had no desire to chat with him again, but he instant messaged me and asked me if I had a X-Box 360. I said no. He ask why. I said, "A) It's expensive B)I'm broke and C) I don't want one period." Now let me warn you, the next line is probably the most genius lines you'll read today. Before I tell you what he said, "Outro" by T-Bone is playing. Now the guy said, "abc is like 123." I wish I was making that up. I couldn't even respond to that. I couldn't phathom that he actually thought and typed that out. Then he actually sent it to me. "Not Guilty (Parkview Mix)" by John P. Kee is now playing. So I exited out the whole conversation without saying a word because there was obviously nothing to say to that. Have you ever find yourself looking at either one of your parents thinking, "How are you not rocking back and forth in a straight jacket?" I'm telling you I'm afraid to become a parent. I see how mentally insane my dad is and I don't want that. I'm already crazy enough, I don't need any help. You may be saying, "Daniel, don't think that about your dad." Yeah, you say that because you don't know him. I live with him. It's an experience I'm dying to forget. "Shake Your Body" by T-Bone is rocking the ear phones now. So at the church, the music leaders are going to be giving evaluations. They told us that at the end of the last choir rehearsal. That junk flipped me the crap out. The first thought that entered my mind was, "Uh oh." I don't know why I start thinking negative but I just don't take criticism well. I take it to personally. I don't feel like crying in front of these people. Yes I do cry, and crying does not make you gay, which is the title of one of my popular videos on youtube. "Running to You" by Deitrick Haddon. Speaking of Deitrick be on the looking out for a review of his new CD Revealed. It's already typed and saved. So even though I'm not going on messageboards any more, I'm still working on my story. I just don't feel rushed or pressured to post it anywhere. When or if I ever complete it, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I don't want it just to sit there. Hopefully I'll have some direction of what I want to do soon. "What's the Password?" by Canton Jones is on. I've been watching a lot of Kevin Smith videos on youtube. The videos are mostly from his Q and A's released on DVD. I one that loves honestly. I love when people are blunt. "Holy" by Israel and New Breed is playing now. Anyway, I also respect a high paid director, like Kevin Smith, that can conduct sessions with us regular people and be honest about everything. Now I don't agree with the cussing and all that, but you can't deny that nothing is funnier than true stories sometimes. "Changed Me" by John P. Kee is playing. You know those Adidas Basketball commericials that's been coming on lately? I got curious and went to and watched the videos. My favorite was the one with Tim Duncan's team versus Tracy McGrady's team. Not was it cool to see youngins get a chance to play in the spotlight, but it was hilarious to see McGrady's get fustrated at the calls. All the videos were good though. I recommend any rising basketball player to go on the site and watch them. I'm definitely going to make myself some coffee after I finishing typing this thing. I know that all that caffine is not healthy, but I'm not trying to win a beauty contest, sir. I got to do better, I know. "Time to Leave" by John Reuben. I think the name of the song is a sign that it's time for me to stop. Thanks for reading my randomness, I'll try to do better the next time. Or not. It depends on what's on my mind. Be blessed.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My review of Voices Of Unity’s CD: Together in Worship

I Gotta Praise (Holy One) ~ This track is a great variation of the classic song often used during shout music. Being a musician, the musical arrangement on this song is bananas. With that the vocal flow is good also. The message of the song is of course talking about praising God, the Holy One. Great song.

Watch Me Praise Him ~ When I saw Deitrick Haddon perform this on TBN, I was immediately hooked. Again this is turn of and old traditional song. One of them songs that you can't help but nod your head too. Deitrick’s wife, Damita, is singing on this CD and is doing a tremendous job. Another great song. The musical arrangement and vocal flow is great also. This CD is starting off awesome.

We Worship You ~ The musical arrangement at the beginning is a little weird for my taste. This track features the awesome Pastor William Murphy III. This is definitely not your average Gospel song. The build-up to the chorus is crazy though. The chorus is awesome. I’m really feeling this track. I admit the musical arrangement sounded weird in the beginning, but man, does it get better. If you’re a fan of William Murphy and Israel Haughton, and this is the track for you.

Take Rest In Me ~ Deitrick is singing on this track. You can feel the presence of God strong from last track to this one. This track is mostly vocals, and the harmony and blend is just sick. This is a worship song. I would definitely call this track a show stopper track. Meaning that if this song was sung during a service, I can definitely see the Holy Ghost taking over and God having His way with the people. Wow. This track is just wow.

You Are God ~ This track is featuring artist Javen. I’ve seen Javen on the Gospel Music Channel and he wasn’t really my style. This is another worship song. It’s definitely a track toward Javen’s style of music. Alternative music is the best way I can describe his style. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just a favorite of mine. This song is talking about there’s none like God. Another track with crazy vocal arrangements. Not a bad song at all.

We Cry Holy~ This song features Jason Champion. It just went into it which means I don’t think this is the whole song I’m listening too. Sounds like we come in right at the vamp. Not bad for the 3 minutes I heard of it.

Send a Revival ~ This track features Pastor Paula White. Paula is preaching is talking about reviving. She’s taking about the sound coming from Heaven. I’m loving the arrangement of this song. The title of the song is what the song is about, go figure. It’s about asking the Lord sending a revival and reviving us again. Paula is talking over the track while the background singers and choir is singing. She doesn’t overlap much at all so it easy to understand what the singers are singing. I like this track, not my favorite on the CD so far, but it’s good.

Heaven ~ Another one with Deitrick Haddon taking over the lead. Again it’s a worship song. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a simple song also. That’s not a bad thing by all means. Some of the best worship songs are the most simple. During the song he sings lyrics from the song “Oh the Glory of Your Presence,” which is a great song in itself.

It All Belongs To You ~ Once again, Damita Haddon takes lead. It has a piano intro to it. Sort of the likes of “Imagine Me,” by Kirk Franklin. Another simple song lyrically and vocally. Once again it’s a worship song. I really like this song also.

He’s Able ~ This track features the great Darwin Hobbs. I first heard of this song when we learned it at choir rehearsal at my church, New Harvest Ministries. I then searched for it on YouTube and immediately fell in love with the track. “God is able to do just what He says He will do. He’s gonna fulfill every promise to you. Don’t give on God ‘cause He won’t give up on you. He’s Able.” What more can you say? It’s a powerful song. It speaks to your heart. It’s based on the verse found in Ephesians 3:20 which says (KJV), “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”

Praise Break (Momma’s God A Word) ~ This is featuring Prophetess Joyce Haddon. We definitely learn where Deitrick got his spiritual teaching from. What a powerful word.
My Father’s House ~ This is the last track which is featuring Shirley Murdock. It’s an upbeat song. The bass line is crazy. Following the trend of the other tracks, the vocals are again insane. Again I’m loving the bass. Shirley is a beast, which means if you don’t know that she is extremely talented.

This CD was recorded live at Without Walls International Church. Nothing against studio albums, but something about when you know a Gospel CD is recorded with a live audience you can really feel the anointing of God in the midst. I give this CD 5/5 stars. One of the better Live CD’s I’ve heard. With Deitrick, this was the best I’ve heard from him. Sometimes with Deitrick, at least to me, it sounds like he’s trying to entertain more then he’s trying to reach. With this CD, not only did he entertain, he spoke to our hearts. He really let the Holy Ghost have his way with this one. My opinion…definite must buy for any fan of choirs, worship, and just letting God do His thing.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dont act like you didnt see this coming

Are you ready? Are YOU READY?!? Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready for A RANT!!!

Barack Obama, a black man, more importantly a mixed man, is the new President-elect of the United States of America. You may be wondering why would I rant on that? You're recalling that I supported Obama. Well I did, and still am. What I'm going to rant on is the anti-Obama people. As Chris Jericho used to say, "Would you please shut the [heck] up!" Get over it. Obama won. All I heard during the past week was Obama is the anti-christ, Obama is going to get shot, the rapture is going to happen if Obama wins. Obama is not a Christian. All that bull crap. Please save it for your momma or fake Christian messageboards, because I don't want to hear it. First of all the Bible says that we shouldn't judge others. It said treat others like you want to be treated. We can't judge people's salvation. Isn't that what the Bible talks about? Think of it this way, who's going to be the one who has the final say where we go when we die? Not you. Not me. So stop judging. Another thing, why are y'all worried about who the anti-Christ is anyway? Y'all sounding like you want to be here to meet the man. So you want to pass up being caught up in the Rapture, to be on the Earth with no Holy Ghost, and suffer through all the stuff talked about in Matthew 24, just to meet the anti-Christ? Not for me sir. I don't want to know, and don't care to know who the anti-Christ is. Besides all that, besides trying to warn people of the anti-Christ, shouldn't we getting people to know Christ? Isn't that what we as Christians supposed to do? I guess I was wrong. Btw, it's been a couple of days since Obama was named Presidential-elect and the world hasn't ended yet. I'm still breathing in and out. I hear no sirens on the outside going crazy. I hear no riots. So much for that theory. And the thing about Obama being shot...what the crap? Some of y'all claim to be Christian. Christian means Christ-Like. In the book of Proverbs it talks about the power of life and death lies in the power of the tongue. One of the 10 Commandments that we were taught as kids was thy shall not kill. So you're speaking death to the next President of the most powerful country in the world? Not a very good testimony to have sirs and ma'ams. I'm just saying. Besides speaking death on the man, we should be speaking life and praying for him. Weather you voted for him or not, weather you agree with his views or not, he's going to be your next President.

I mentioned before about fake Christian boards. I feel sorry for Gospel rappers who provide messageboards for their fans to come together, and all the "fans" do is cause drama. All they do is speak death like I talked about in the paragraph above. If you go to some messageboards you'll find that most people are depressed, some are cutting themselves, some are even contemplating sucide. I'm not lying about that. And these are supposed to be Christian messageboards, and we got people debating almost to the point of cussing each other out. Your heart has to go out to the Gospel rapper who made the messageboard in the first place. It's like if you go to a church that isn't functioning properly, who is going to get the blame? The pastor. It's like you're at a school and it has the lowest grades in it's district, who's going to get the blame? The principle. A sports team is losing every game and it seems like every player has no discipline at all. Who's going to get the blame? The coach. See what I'm saying? The people on these messageboards should have have more respect for the owner of the board and not bring stupid pointless drama and cause a havoc. KJ-52, my heart goes out to you man. I left that board and another board because it was not good for my sanity.

Back to the election, in my home state of California, they put a ban on same sex marriages. Now some people in California are protesting and rioting over that. Me? I think it's God's will being done. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a destable sin. It also talks about if you pratice it you will not inherit the kingdom of God. The Bible also says that the wicked shall be turned onto hell and ALL NATIONS THAT FORGET GOD. And as the song says, I know the Bible is right, and somebody's wrong. That the person who is practicing Homosexuality, they can get saved. God loves the person, he hates the sin. My opinion, I think it's great that California voters voted to put a ban on same sex marriages. It's just not right. I hear people say stuff like, "If you were in their shoes, wouldn't you want rights?" If I was in their shoes I'd be on my way to hell if I didn't repent and give my life back to God, bottom line. I don't care what you say, you can't compare this gay rights movement to the civil rights movement back in the day. You can't compare. Now I don't agree with hating a person because he or she practices the sin of homosexuality because like I said eariler, we are not to judge. So killing a person because of a habit or sin is not right. But killing because of a habit and killing because of skin color or race is completely different. I don't know this for sure, but their possibly could've been homosexual black people that went through crap just like the straight ones did. The racist couldn't careless what your habit was, all they saw was that you were black and you were counted as 3/5 of a human being. Get what I mean? You can't compare the two. I'm sorry. Again, I'm not bashing the person. I'm not bashing the person, I'm bashing the habit they pratice. Like I hate smoking and drinking. Some people I know does both. If anything I'd tell them that they need to stop smoking, they need to stop drinking...doesn't mean I'm going hate them for it. For me that would be hating my own family. I know a couple of people who do practice homosexuality and they are some of the funniest, nicest people you've ever meet. See what I mean?

John 3:16 (NLT) says "For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life." God loves you inspite of what you do and say. He still loves you. Romans 10:9 (NLT) says, "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. " Notice it doesn't say you have to be emotional. It says nothing about crying or anything like that. it simply says that if you open your mouth and say that Jesis is Lord and believe with all your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved. Some of us have made mistakes in the past week, heck the past 24 hours that we regret, but God is a forgiving God, and we got to be willing to truly repent, turn away, from those mistakes. I don't know why I typed this last paragraph, but here you go. Be blessed.