Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Cue Call On Him by Fred Hammond. This blog should come as a surprise to no one. Might as well just get to it.

So a basketball player for the Washington Wizards, Jason Collins, came out of the closet. He’s getting called brave, courageous, and a hero. I will admit that it was a brave thing to do. Why do I say it’s brave because the world is full with homophobes. Most guys don’t like to the idea of being groped by another guy, even if it’s for joking purposes. NBA is an obviously a male dominated organization. So one could imagine that there would be reservations in making a decision like Jason Collins did. So I do agree with that aspect of it.

Now. Let me get in on this courageous thing. Is it really courageous to do what’s becoming more accepted by society day by day? To me that’s not courageous…that’s more like following to me. I mean sure he’s the first active male athlete to come out the closet, but does he really deserve a cookie for this? To me the courageous part about this whole story is what Chris Broussard did. This man went on a national televised show and gave the best Christian response one could give. Saying that homosexuality is a sin and that it’s an open rebellion against God…that my friends was courageous. Going against what the media and government calls heroic takes courage, and didn’t use one homophobic slur.

I’ve seen a lot of posts comparing Tim Tebow to Jason Collins. Basically because Tebow stands for Jesus Christ and get’s bashed and made fun of for it. Jason Collins comes out the closet, and is probably going to get a national holiday named after him by the Obamas who say they’re Christian. I’m going to let that settle…

Now I’m not going to say that Jason Collins should be kicked out the league for his sexual orientations because what you do in the bed room doesn’t affect your performance on the court. It might affect if you go on the court, Magic Johnson, but---huh? What?

Let me say this, gay, lesbian…that doesn’t affect any skill on the court. Brittney Griner being a lesbian and Jason Collins being gay should not affect if they’re allowed to play ball or not. If you think so, please go on somewhere.

Also I saw a tweet saying that if you are against homosexuality, you are a hypocrite. Um, quick question because I admit I can be ignant at times. How in the—can one be a hypocrite being against homosexuality? Please lets me know in the comment section. Being against homosexuals, the person, is hypocritical, but not the lifestyle itself. People are against the hiphop lifestyle, and by people I mean every COGIC church ever. People are against the rock in roll lifestyle. People are against a criminal’s lifestyle. People are against a pimp’s lifestyle. Again, I want to know how being against homosexuality is hypocritical. Please lets me further know.

Homosexuality does not affect performance outside the bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the folks that say homosexuality is wrong. I’m one of the folks that say homosexuality is a sin. Also I’m one of the folks that has his own issues, or sins, that I struggle with. I heard a preacher say that if you want to be delivered, stop conversating about it. Get away from it. God will give you the strength to deal with it, if you want to be delivered. I heard a preacher say that if you want to be delivered, God can and will deliver. Why is it that when we know we’re wrong, we don’t seek to be delivered? Take it to the Lord, and leave it there. We take it to the Lord but then we take it back with us…yep.

Stay Saved,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Cue Amen by Kurt Carr. First time really hearing this track. Just put the ipod on shuffle and this song came on. It’s sad that I forget what’s on my ipod, ain’t it? Welp.

So originally this blog was going to be one of those depressing blogs. One of those blogs where I’m preaching to myself but I act like I’m in the spirit and talking to somebody that may be reading. Yeah. One of those blogs where I act like I’m deep and some of you actually buy it. Ok here’s what happened after a conversation on the phone which most of you know I hate to do. I hate talking on the phone with a passion. A PASSIONATE HATRED for talking on the phone. So after this conversation I was pissed off and down in the dumps. We talking land fill dumps. No lie, it was dangerous. We had to go to Bible Study and thank God my sister drove. Not saying I wouldn’t have done anything but who knows, right? So my little sister saw I was feeling a little down. She asked me if I was alright, and I told her the truth and said I wasn’t. So she drove to church. Which despite of how I was feeling, I ended up teaching Bible Study. Um, what? How? I was obedient and taught Bible study a lesson that I did not study, by the way. That’s the kind of stuff that blows my mind about God. I mean you hear and read in the Bible that he used a donkey and a rooster, but never really…you know? I mean after I acted like a jackass, there I am…again, what?

So after Bible Study, I started feeling a little better. I mean you hear it said that when you walk into the building your mood should change but never really believe—am I the only one? It had to be nothing but God. He’s real.

Why was I down, you ask? Why was I feeling depressed? I could go religious and say the devil was influencing my mind, but I don’t know for sure if that’s the case. I mean ok, God doesn’t bring depression, so I guess by default....but honestly, you don’t hear me saying the devil is influencing the thoughts that I have, because I don’t hear anybody telling me what to think or what to say. Ok, I look at it like this, the Bible says in Proverbs, that death and life lies in the power of the what? Tongue, right? So in essence I was speaking death on the situation I was in. Not going to say what was I thinking on this blog, but this is not the time or the place, but just know it wasn’t necessarily “power positive thinking” if you will. Like some folks, I don’t post everything I’m feeling on FaceBook. BOOM!  Anymore…moving on.

Of course our thoughts and prayers are with the folks affected by the Boston bombing. We are getting closer to the end. If you are saved, definitely stay saved. If you’re on the line of I want to be saved, but I don’t want to give up this or that…time to make your decision. Jesus is soon to come. The Bible says, that God would rather you be hot or cold. If you’re lukewarm, he’ll spit you out. This is not the time to be lukewarm. Get right church and let’s go home.

Stay saved,

Daniel Richerson
Twitter: @Big_Dusty