Friday, February 24, 2012

Jeremy Lin, Whitney Houston...what else you want?

So if you been checking with me the past few weeks, you noticed I got back in the grind so to speak. Back in the grind of podcasting. Something that I’ve been doing literally for years. When I began doing them, I called them voice blogs. If I remember right, it took me a couple of years to start calling them podcasts. Calling them what you will, I got back to doing them because it’s a good way to express myself. I can literally speak my mind, know what I mean? I’ve only been back doing them for two weeks now, and when I say I’ve been getting ideas after ideas? I mean I already got an idea of what I want to talk about for the next one, that is just in case a collab podcast doesn’t happen. Hint hint…

So how y’all been doing since the last blog? It’s been quite a while, and I apologize for that. That’s all on me. I got to get back on the grind on these things like I got back in the grind with my podcasts. Not only the blogs, but I’ve been slipping with my YouTube Channel as well. It would be easy for me to stop making YouTube videos because my views are not up to par, but the key word there is easy. I plan on making them better…well at least better looking anyway. I can’t promise on the material, but the look of the videos should get better in the coming months. Gonna let your mind whirl with that one…

The big story going around is Whitney Houston, and her death. When I first heard the news, my sister and I were eating at O’Charley’s, and a waiter was walking around saying, “Whitney Houston is dead.” Sure enough, when we got home and I turned it to CNN, there it was. Whitney Houston dead at 48. Whitney ruled the airways for decades. She was a big part of the generation before me, and she was a part of mine. Whitney had her struggles and demons, there’s no need to go in to that, because most likely you know about it. If by chance you don’t, it’s called bing and google. Look it up. What I will say about the situation is for the media to please let the family have peace. For once can they turn the TV on and not be reminded of what happened to Whitney? Some say give them a week, why not give them a couple of months? Let the family breathe. About the funeral though, what y’all think of Reverend Tyler Perry? Tyler had the organ going and everything. I don’t agree with the cussing he does at times, but when the guy speaks about faith, he speaks truth.

Another big story going around is Jeremy Lin. Lost big time to my  team, the Miami Heat on the evening I’m typing this, but I’m still a fan of the story. It is the American story. The man was on the verge of quitting. Literally sitting at the end of the bench getting over looked. Then all of the sudden he got his one shot. Now a couple of weeks later, the dude is a superstar. Eminem had a song some years back that said, “You only get one shot, do not miss your change to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.” Jeremy took his shot, and get him off his brother’s couch. It’s a message to all of us. Some of us are one opportunity away, but do we take advantage of the opportunities that come our way? We got to own it. If you got a dream don’t give up. That’s for me as much as I’m typing it for y’all. I’m still chasing my dreams. I don’t do a very good job at it at times. I have no problems admitting that, but maybe me typing this to y’all will motivate me to do better for myself, you know? Anyway, I like the Jeremy Lin story. It’s not only good for the Knicks, it’s good for the NBA as a whole. It gives the NBA more viewers. It gives the NBA more publicity. It doesn’t hurt that Lin is a man of faith and that he’s humble. Man of faith and humble.

The Lin story also teaches that if you’re obedient to God and humble, God will take you places not only that you dream of, but past your dreams. That’s what I’m learning myself more and more, and that is to stay obedient and humble. When I get pats on the back, I don’t get the big head about it. One, I got a big enough head already. Two, I have a past that people can bring up that can embarrass me and bring me back down off a cloud. Why not stay real either way? Whether I get pats on the back or not, just stay real. Jay Z and Beyonce are examples of what not to do. Not allowing people to see their new born babies because you had to close off an entire wing of a hospital to bring your baby in this world. Come on! You’re not the only new parents in the world! Giving your baby a tumblr, featuring the baby in the song, giving the baby millions of dollars worth of toys…are you serious right now? I don’t know why I’m on the Jay Z and Beyonce trip, but it just urked me to the fact that parents couldn’t see their babies because these two rich tools had to block off a wing for theirs. If you’re a fan of these two, I make no apologies for what I said. These two were wrong, and anybody with heart knows that. Don’t give me that they’re new parents and they were excited and all that garbage. The fact was, they were rich with money, and they could do whatever they wanted.

Sorry, I got side tracked for a second there. Bringing it back. The bottom line I was getting to is that being obedient and staying humble is what I’m doing, or what I’m doing my best to do on this ride to where God is taking me.

That’s the blog. Again sorry for the wait, I hope this makes up for it. Get at me on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to follow my podcast, here’s the page for that: . I’ve been slacking on my YouTube, but I plan on shooting the new video soon. Be sure to leave your comments for this blog here on the site, Twitter, or Facebook. Feel free to share this around with folks. Feel free to follow this blog. I hope to be back sooner rather than later.

Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson aka Big Dusty