Friday, December 28, 2012


Cue A Testimony by Rodnie of my Dad’s favorite songs. I can see him nodding his head now.
The saints in 2012 are some spoiled individuals. I say that because we ask God for stuff and when he does it we are so ungrateful. I’ve been in services where one testified about receiving the Holy Ghost, and the reaction was basically no reaction. One would expect a church to erupt in praise in celebration, yet the church had a la di da attitude. I don’t know this for sure, so don’t quote me on this, but I’m willing to bet that’s why your blessing hasn’t come yet. You’re so la di da with your expectation and your celebration of other’s miracles. I bet if we start to praise God like we truly expect a miracle, they would come. Tell me I’m wrong. I know there’s some famous catchphrase coming for 2013 but how about right now we truly get the spirit of expectations and stop all this hating and doubting.
I wrote a blog over 3 years ago entitled No Joy, No Strength, No Faith No Strength.  Over the years I feel the church has lost it’s joy and faith. I believe the Bible says that without Faith it’s impossible to please God. So, maybe if we start pleasing God with our faith, then we’ll see our prayers answered. By the way, whether you know it or not, whether you believe or not, God is answering prayers right now. I know for a fact He is. Why? Cause I’m still here. I haven’t lost my mind. Somebody is praying for me. And I’ve seen folks with cancer get healed. God is working miracles. You just got to believe. One thing I can’t stand is a dead church service. I’m telling you, if folks would come in the church with expectancy, and joy...we would have some good church every Sunday. The problem is we put all the pressure on the Praise and Worship leader, the MC of the service, or the speaker of the hour. Dang y’all know how to put some pressure on folks. Praise and Worship leaders aren’t supposed to pump and prime you. Other than my blood pressure, that’s probably what’s making me tired all the time. Moving on.
Faith without works is dead. Walk in it. Believe it. Work the faith. Other people can’t work your faith for you. We can work it with you but not for you. Declare it. Praise Him for it. It always could be worse so stop living like it is worse. You’re not dead. Inhale and exhale. Let everything that hath breath Praise ye the Lord.
Let me tell you something about me. I love hearing people be proud of me. I love when people cheer me on. Imagine if we made God proud of us. I know we’re waiting to hear Well Done thy good and faithful servant, but imagine if God talked about us and said, “Well Done,” before we went to Heaven. Wow. I don’t know about you, but that’s awesome to me.
Hope you got something out of this. Hope you share it with your folks. Don’t be a scared to leave a comment on the blog. I don’t bite. Anymore….long time ago. Let it go.
Stay Saved,
Daniel Richerson aka Big Dusty
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