Saturday, February 26, 2011

Was CBS right to cancel Two and a Half Men?

So by now I think we all know what's going on with Charlie Sheen. If you don't then use these search engines called Bing or Google. I think they will help a lot.

Charlie recently went on a radio rant which was reported to be the cause of the cancellation of his successful show and a show that I'm a fan of, Two and a Half Men. During this rant he went after the higher ups of the show and blah blah. Am the only one thinking that this is not a just reason to cancel the show? I'm not condoning what Charlie did, don't get me wrong, but I thought this was show business? Wasn't the show like one of the top sitcoms on TV? So they had a show that was a money maker, and they cancel it because Charlie was honest when the host asked him a question. Way to save money in a bad economy CBS.

I know, I know, Charlie's unstable. Charlie's a drunk. Charlie's doing home rehab. Charlie's this, Charlie's that. Let me introduce y'all to a little known performer, arguably the best wrestler of all time, and he's going to the WWE Hall Of Fame by the way, Shawn Michaels. Shawn, in the mid 90's, was what Charlie Sheen is now. I don't think he did rants on radio station, but he was a pain in the butt backstage. He spoke his mind to the higher ups when he didn't like something. All the while Shawn was on drugs. See the comparison? Did the WWF/E fire Shawn? No. Did the WWF/E kick Shawn off the main show? No. Shawn was making money for the company. WWF/E was smart to know that yes Shawn was a pain in the butt, but he was stealing the show and holding the company together while WCW was kicking their butts in the ratings.

Please save the "money isn't everything" stuff, ok? While I do agree the money is in fact not the most important, it is important. Is Charlie right in the head? No, but is any actor in Hollywood right in the head? I rest my case. The only difference between Charlie and everybody else is that Charlie got caught.

Doesn't that remind you of religious people? When you make a mistake and get caught, they ride you until they or you die, but at the same time they have done the same thing or something worse than you did.

Now, I know that not many people is going to agree with me on this, but this is my opinion, and I'm sticking to it! I am American, fat and opinionated.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Before I get going on this blog let me say that yesterday was a day like I haven't had in months. I posted a new video and a new podcast. That's right, I am back in the podcasting game. I'll plug the website at the end.

Some time ago, I tweeted something to the effect that if you really wanted to know somebody, follow them on Twitter. Well recently I found out that goes with all Internet social media. It's crazy to me what some people say on here. I will admit that I was guilty of being one way on the Internet, and being another way in person. So I know how it is. It's not until you actually see someone else do it, that you realize how nuts it is. I mentioned before that I did a podcast. I'll be the first one to tell you that if you listen to my old podcasts, I was no where near like that in person. In person, you would be lucky if I said more than two words to you. It wasn't to be mean, it was just how I was. I wasn't comfortable talking to people in person. On the Internet, I could do it easily. In person, not so much. Now what kills me is how people act saved in person, then you follow them on social media...good gosh. I finally figured out why some old saints are against social media. Think about it, who in their right mind wants to mess up their reputation? One thing that will never change in this world is the fact that people are very protective of their reputation. People get real offensive when there's false gossip being spread about them. Why? Because their reputation is getting affected by it. Weather we believe it or not, people do care what you say about them. I believe there's something in all of us that care about what people say, however, it's up to us to acknowledge that something.

Lately, I've been blown away seeing people I thought I knew in person being a complete 180 on the Internet. Be who you are. When I wasn't saved, I was honest about it. I knew better than to lie in God's house. I remember some years back, I was at this youth meeting, and the guy teaching asked who was saved. Some people raised their hand, some didn't. I didn't. The teacher then asked a question to the effect why aren't you saved? My answer was peer pressure. Completely honest.

What really blows me away is the language some use. I expect that from my unsaved friends, but from the ones that shout in church on Sunday, then on Monday...yeah, holy goodness. I believe that's how we stay in the bubble we put ourselves in. It's not healthy to be free on Sunday and bound on Monday. To be in Eden on Sunday then back to Egypt on Monday. BTW, yes I'm a husky man talking about what's healthy and what's not. What?!?! And just so you know, I know that from personal experience. Being free on Sunday, jumping and leading songs, then going home and searching...yeah. So believe me, I'm not trying to come off as perfect Big Dusty because I'm no where near perfection. What I am saying is, it's dangerous territory. Seeing what's going on in Egypt and the middle east, we have no time to be playing both sides against the middle. The Bible says that God would rather us be hot or cold. If we're lukewarm, the Bible says, God will spit us out his mouth.

Contrary to belief, the Bible is around for us to use it for cliches. As Donald Lawrence said, we got to let the Word do the work. In order to let the Word to the work, we got to believe it. It's hard to execute a game plan when you don't believe in it. Athletes, am I right or wrong?

So let's make a decision today that we will no longer be lukewarm. If we're going to be saved, let's be saved on AND off the Internet. Let's be saved in AND out the church. Let's be saved away AND with friends and family.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


So if you’re a wrestling fan like me, you’ve probably been keeping an eye on the dirt sheets to see what’s going on. Especially with the whole 2-21-11 mumbo jumbo. Is it Sting? Is it Awesome Kong? Is it Undertaker? It’s the talk of the wrestling world. Let me say, I highly doubt its Awesome Kong because let’s face it, WWE cares nothing about Women’s wrestling. Look who the Divas Champ is, Eve Torres. I rest my case.

Most likely it’s the Undertaker, which would be the most typical WWE thing to do. I understand Undertaker is who he is, with the whole “most respected guy in the locker room” stuff, but is it just me, or is it getting old seeing Undertaker leave and come back, then leave and come back again? I don’t know about any of you, but I will not be happy if this whole thing is for Undertaker to make another comeback. Taker is coming back. That’s a given. How bout this? Figure out who he’s going against at Wrestlemania, and while whoever that guy will be is doing a promo, Undertaker shows up. No vignettes. No warning. He just shows up. That would be unique. Again though, if this whole 2-21-11 thing is for Taker, then please WWE, spare me.

Now there’s been a lot of speculation involving Sting. Is he in talks with WWE? Is he not? Is he signing back with TNA? Is he not? Is he the father? I mean there’s a lot of talk going on about Sting and where he’s going. Now if I was Sting, first of all, I would be happy that my name out there. Everybody is talking about me. As I’m typing this, the latest thing I’ve read was that Sting was close to resigning to TNA. If that is the case, I really don’t get the logic from both sides. From TNA’s side, Sting is 51 years old. Bringing him back, you have to put him in a major storyline because of who he is. The problem with that is that it leaves the young and great talent you have taking a back seat to a guy past his prime. Why not push the guys that are in the prime of their career now? Why bring in a legend that only has maybe one good year left? And on Sting’s side of things, I don’t get why he loves being on a sinking ship. I don’t get why he wouldn’t want to go to the WWE where he could go out with the reaction he deserves. Why not go out in the biggest company in the wrestling world, like it or not, and end your career in the WWE Hall of Fame? You’re not going to get the big reaction in a studio in Florida. I have no doubt the higher ups in the WWE would respect the status of Sting and use him correctly. Sting is no doubt a legend in the business. He’s no doubt a hall of famer in any wrestling hall of fame.

I will admit that I am a Sting mark. I have been for all my life. Sting has always been in my top 10 list of favorite wrestlers of all time. I want to see him go out with a bang that he deserves. Not in a company that is copying the mistakes of WCW. Plus Wrestlemania is in Atlanta this year. Perfect setup for a Sting run in, isn’t it? Ah well, wishful thinking.

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