Thursday, November 29, 2012


Cue Work On Me by Tonex now known as B. Slade. It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you without a dope blog to read and linger on…what? OOOOOOOHHHHH, here it goes!

One of the phrases I used to use a lot is “don’t judge me.” Don’t judge. God’s grace and mercy is the reason I’m still here today. After I’ve messed up time and time again, I’m still able to type these blogs up or lead Praise and Worship at church or stuff like that. It’s like thank God, He is God and not any of us. Ironic I picked B. Slade to write this blog because the church has turned their back on this man because he came out e closet some time ago. Besides praying for this brother, and trying to cast out demons, we as a whole called him every homophobic name in the book and razzed this man for his sin being exposed. It could’ve been any of us. Most of us got secrets that nobody knows about it, and what if we got exposed? It’s  because of God’s grace and mercy that it wasn’t us. We could’ve got exposed and what if we got byrated as bad as Anthony Williams did? I’m openly admitting that I’m praying for you B. Slade, not writing this blog to open up old wounds. I’m writing this blog to judge anybody, because I don’t want my dirt getting exposed and giving folks the open door to openly ridicule me and call me anything but a child of God knowing that they have secrets of they’re own. One of the things my dad used to say to me is, “One shouldn’t throw rocks in a glass house.”  Meaning that if you know you got secrets, don’t bash anyone else when their dirty secrets get exposed.

 Like when Tye Tribbett and Da Truth had the situation some time ago. Google or Bing it if you don’t know. God has forgiven Tye and Truth, why can’t we? Probably still folks out there calling Truth and Tribbett adulterers, and everything else. I know I can’t watch a Donnie McClurkin video on YouTube without somebody calling him gay. Even though, I believe that he’s been delivered. But Donnie had a couple of instances that he went strongly, some would say too strong, against homosexuality. People still bash Donnie for being a homophobe, and being a “closeted homo.” I don’t get it. Why do we as “saints” always want to play God and judge folks for their past mistakes. I mean we weigh it on them so heavy, that they leave the church. We hate people out the church, when the Bible says with Love and Kindness have I drawn them. We’re supposed to love people in but we’re too busy hating people out. Some clips I watch on YouTube all the time, is Steve Harvey on TBN. I cry just about everytime and my little sister teases me for it all the time. Steve’s gratitude for God is inspiring. Then Steve talks about how people in the church are so evil when one tries to go to them to help. We sing that song, or used to sing to that song, “To be like Jesus, oh how I long to be like Him.” Yet we’re so unlike Jesus when somebody tells us what’s going on in their life we expose it and spread it. Stop hating people out the church. Hating people not just out of curch but hating people out of life in general.

I don’t smile much. I always look mean. People tell me that all the time. People have told my sister this all the time. If I’m really tired or if I don’t want to be somewhere, trust me, you’ll know. I admit, I don’t walk around with a smile on my face all the time. Probably explain my lack of real friends, phone calls, instagram facebook and twitter feedback, and other things. Can’t draw people with a negative attitude and/or negative appearance. I will openly admit here on my blog that positive people are annoying to me. I admit that I want to trip people that are always happy just to see a different emotion. But as much as those always happy positive people annoy me, I do believe those are the people with backstories that you wouldn’t believe. So the Lord is working on me with all that. I guess what I’m trying to say in this to stop hating people out and start loving people in.

Don’t let the fact that you hate your surroundings, dictate the way you treat people are the way you present yourself. I heard Todd Hall say one time that if you praise God in the place where you hate, He will show up in your surrounds and fix it. So I go in to my job with a praise. Issac Carree has a song out talking about Praise God in the middle of it. Praise God in the middle of it, why? Because as was preached at my church, Sunday, the After while is coming soon. Most of us are so close to that breakthrough, so close to finishing the race, we just got to hold on.  Old song says, Hold on, change is coming, hold on don’t worry about a thing. Hold on, you can make it, Hold on, everything’s going to be all right. Time to start believing what we’re singing about. God has been telling us for a while that we’re going to make it. Time to believe it.

Stay  Saved,

Daniel Richerson aka Big Dusty
@Big_Dusty on Twitter and Instagram