Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Night Can Turn Your Life Into Hell Chapter 2

So the next day, after Riggs took his daughter to school, he headed to his office. As he pulled into his parking spot, he thanked God for another day then went on in to the building. He walked through the building doing his daily ritual which is basically saying “morning” to everyone who said morning to him. Sort of like the beginning of the movie Trading Places. When he got into his office, Jada was sitting on the couch. She stood up and extended her hand. Riggs shook it and asked her to have a seat.

“So Miss Jada, what brings you here this morning?”

“Well I was just wondering what it was you actually do, Riggs.”

Riggs started to explain what he did, and as he was explaining, he noticed that Jada wasn’t necessarily there to listen to him ramble. She wanted something else.

“Um, Jada? You’re not really here to know what I do, are you?”

She hesitated and then shook her head. Riggs took a deep breath.

“You know, maybe in a couple of days we can go out for dinner. Will that be cool?”

“Yea. Well I got to go see my dad. He was sleeping when I left. I guess I’ll see you in a couple of days then. Here’s my address and phone number to reach me.”

They shook hands and Jada left. Riggs hadn’t been on a date for about 3 years, so he called in his assistant, Carter for advice.

“Ok the first question is how much money you got?” Carter asked the person who owns the company.

“Never mind,” Carter continued. “Um, well if you’re going to take her out to dinner, go to a place that’s not as cheap as fast-food and not as expensive as a formal restaurant, know what I mean? Don’t want to over/under do it. Keep it just…”

“Simple?” Riggs jumped in.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

One night can turn your life into hell

Just when you think that everything’s going well and awesome, one situation happens and turns everything into hell. He was just enjoying life. Until that night, he was the friendliest guy you could ever meet. If you needed clothes, he’d by you some clothes. If you needed food, he’d cook for you. If you needed some money, he wouldn’t hesitate giving you just enough money to survive. He owned his own business so money was never a problem for him.

A few days before that night, he was eating at a fast food restaurant. As he was leaving he bumped into Jada. Jada, the scab on your leg that you want to scratch but you were told all your life to leave them alone. Jada apologize and he smiled and nodded showing that it was ok. He walked out to his car and noticed Jada followed. He let down window.

“Can I help you, Miss?” he asked.

She looked at him like he was an ex boyfriend that did her wrong.


“Yeah that’s me. Do I know you?” he asked wondering how she knew his name.

“I’m Jada. I’m Henry’s daughter. The guy you helped out a few weeks ago?”

“Oh yes, Mr. Henry, I remember him. Ok?”

“I just wanted to thank you for helping him out the way you did. He’s been on the streets for years. I’m so glad you found him when you did.”

“It was my pleasure. Well I got to head home, but here’s my card to my business. Be free to make an appointment, if you want to talk.”

Riggs handed Jada his card and headed on to his apartment. He ran up the stairs and was met by his daughter at the door. His sister, Lisha, came out the living room. Riggs held money in his hand, and Lisha grabbed it as she walked out saying, “See you next week.”

Riggs’ daughter was 5 years old. 5 years ago, Riggs was a senior in high school. It was his last year so he wanted to make the most of it. So one night he was at a party with his then girlfriend, and while he was drinking his punch, he didn’t know that it was spiked. Both Riggs and his girlfriend got tipsy so they ended up kissing all the way to a bathroom at the house they were at. About 3 minutes later, they came out the bathroom and continued to party. The next morning, Riggs had such a bad hangover he didn’t go to church. That Monday morning, Riggs girlfriend came up to him and told him that she was pregnant. This shocked Riggs because he was always taught to wait until marriage. He didn’t remember doing anything because he was so drunk during the process.

Now how Riggs ended up getting custody was very strange. He was just getting his business started while working at a grocery store to make ends meet so he could help raise his then 3 year old daughter. Riggs and his girlfriend broke up after graduating high school but still went out together just to give their daughter a sense of a family environment. So one day Riggs was working a night shift and he got a phone call that his daughter and ex-girlfriend were in a car wreck. His boss granted him the rest of the day off and Riggs drove to the hospital. His daughter was ok just had some bruises, but his ex-girlfriend died on arrival. So after arguing with his ex’s parents for about a month, Riggs finally got full custody of the child thus why she’s staying with Riggs now.