Thursday, April 14, 2011


History is important. Without history, there would be no today.  Whether the history is good or bad, it brought us to where we are today. We all got that? Good.

Everything and everybody has an origin. We all have a past whether we're proud of it or not, it has happened and we can't change it. We can't change the fact that we were born into this world. The origin of something doesn't necessarily dictate the outcome. The history of something doesn't necessarily dictate the outcome. I'll use myself as an example. Growing up, I was shy. I barely talked to anybody. When a mic come in front of my face at church to sing, I would cry just about every time. Now, I do youtube videos, podcasts talking a lot. Now, I lead songs at church no longer crying out of fear of people.

So I bring up the subject of the origin and history of things because I saw a tweet talking about Easter being a Pagan holiday, and people using that as a reason not to celebrate Easter. Christians use Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb. I've even seen posts some time ago talking about Christmas starting off as a Pagan holiday, and as everybody knows, Christians use Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. You know what I say? So what? So what it started off as a Pagan holiday. So what the Catholics tried to tie both ends against the middle to keep safe. Does it hurt anything using December 25 to celebrate the birth of Jesus? Does it hurt anything that this time of the year is used to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus? No. So why make a big deal of it? Yes, I agree it's important to know the history, but there's no need to dwell on history.

If we dwelt on history, none of you Christians and Religious folks would have anything to do with me. After second grade, I hardly ever applied myself in school. In middle school, I would skip school because I missed the bus. In middle and high school, I was a master at cheating on test and quizzes. Did I pay for it? I'm still paying for it. But what I'm saying is, history happened. All that happened. The consequences from those actions have and are continuing to take it's toll. One of my many faults is that I often spend time worrying about the choices I made as if I can change what I did and didn't do. What I should be doing is making choices now that I will affect my future. My past is not good. It's wicked. Just this morning I repented to God of a bad habit that I've had since middle school. So now, I turn around from the decisions I made before and press on towards the future. My past is over. What I did was wicked and wrong, but that was then and this is now. I got to worry about now to make my future more great.

Get what I'm saying? We all got a history and a past. Some of you have a way more corrupted and wicked past than I do, but life still went on didn't it? Despite of your past, some of y'all have become very successful. Some have gotten saved and are now preaching the Gospel. Some have gotten saved and are now singing the Gospel. I mean let's look at Paul from the Bible. He started off killing Christians, right? Who knew that he was going to become a major prophet for God? Paul? The one that used to be Saul and was killing off Christians? Don't dwell on your past. Work on your now to make your future better. That goes for me too. I'm definitely preaching or "blogging" to myself with this one.

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Stay Saved,

Daniel aka Big Dusty

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Thursday, April 07, 2011


Before I go on with this blog. Are y'all enjoying these blogs? I certainly enjoy writing them, but I hope you enjoy reading them. If you in fact do enjoy reading these, please spread them around to your peers and enemies. Anyway, let's go. Booya!

Now let me say now, that this blog is for me as much as it is for any of you. I'm not perfect. I have made mistakes recently. So please don't get the idea that I'm Mr. Perfect because believe me, my name is Daniel, not Curt Hennig.

People are watching you rather you know it or not. I don't mean with spy cameras, security cameras, or anything like that. I just believe that we all, one way or another, are being studied. People are paying attention how you react to things, how you confront situations, and even how you live. That's why it's important that you watch what you say, pay attention to how you live, and all that because someone is always watching.

This especially goes for Christians. I truly feel for the baby Christians out there who have to see Christianity turned into a Religion, when it's about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It's like a kid who watches the parents act any kind of way, and then at the same time the parents tries to instruct the child to do the opposite. That's how it is in the church. It's preached over the pulpit to love everyone. It's preached over the pulpit not to lie. It's preached over the pulpit not to gossip. While it's being preached, it's not being practice. Ever heard the term, practice what you preach? So what are those that are young in the faith supposed think when they see the so called "seasoned" saints lying on one another, gossiping about each other, hating each other, and at the same time, are trying to teach you what is right.

I understand that we make mistakes. I understand that we're not perfect. I also understand, however, that I got people unsaved following me on Twitter, friends with me on FaceBook, following me on dailybooth, following me on podomatic, subscribed to me on youtube, following me here on Blogger, and/or subscribed to me on iTunes. So again, I'm not perfect, but I have to do my best to represent Christ in everything I do. The old song says, "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine." The light here is Jesus. Another song says, "Everywhere I go, I take my light so that men might see Christ in me." Another song says, "Whatever you do, don't let your light go out." And another song says, "You maybe the only Jesus they see." I got people looking at me through this internet that may not ever go to church. I wouldn't be surprised if I got people watching me just to see if I will mess up, and no doubt, I will mess up. I'm human.

Let's say I was on the outside looking in. I was not saved. I was not sanctified. None of the above. I hang out with folks that proclaim to be saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled. I see them cussing, lying, gossiping, hating folks, and yet still proclaiming the name of Jesus. Or I see them depressed, looking beat up from life with no hope whatsoever. What would I supposed to think? I hear getting saved is the best decision I could ever make, and I see this guy looking worse off than I am now. I thought this God was a loving God, yet I see this guy over here gossiping about someone, or I see this woman over here lying in the church. Why go to church when I get this at home already?

See what I'm saying? It's extremely important to how you live your life. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life, but I will tell you that you need to realize that people are watching you. Rather it's a child or someone striving to be like you. Rather it's someone that cares about you or someone that's just waiting for something to scold you about.

I hope you got something out of this blog. Again this blog is for me also. I have to do better, and I know it. Be sure to leave a comment below. Share with your people anyway you can. Be sure to follow the blog. Twitter and Facebook info is on the right. Get at me also on YouTube, DailyBooth, and Podomatic. And I'll see y'all next Thursday.

Stay Saved,

Daniel aka Big Dusty