Thursday, July 18, 2013


Cue Psalm 150 by Vashawn Mitchell. There was a time where I was asked to pick songs I would like to lead at church. Too bad this song wasn’t out at that time. I would definitely take a shot at it.

My life has some very dark times that I haven’t really blogged, vlogged, or podcasted about. I don’t talk about them, and I try not to think about them because I got enough current problems to be thinking about the past. So I was going back and forth with an old friend of mine from high school on Instagram, and I mentioned that at one time in my life I was homeless. It’s not something I promote and brag about. Anyway, I got to thinking about it. In high school, I never had a thought about the possibility of living in a Kia Sedona. In High School, things weren’t perfect but they weren’t bad either. After High School, tried to college thing, but with the major I chose, I ended up didn’t liking it so I left with what I should’ve done is choose a different major and take the basic classes seriously, which I didn’t. I took nothing seriously at that time. At that point I didn’t take anything seriously, until I had no other choice but to. Even after I left college, I didn’t take it seriously. Probably thought that it was no big deal. Mom was working in the Midwest. She came up with the idea of me going up there with her to get a job and stop being lazy. I even got my hair cut for the move thinking it was going to be a “new start” not realizing that a new start would require some work on my part. I figured it was all going to happen miraculously. 6 months later, mom sent me back to South Carolina. Back in SC, nothing changed. Same bad habits. Same attitude. Nothing changed. Until—

It was definitely one of those things where you think, “This will never happen to me!” until it does. It slowed down my life to the point where that really right now I’m still trying to get it moving again. Not to say that it was all bad. I did have times where I smiled. In the Midwest I met people I’ll never forget, no matter how hard I try (jokes). I did some YouTube videos that made people laugh. I wrote some blogs that people were touched by. I met some people through this “beast” known as the internet that I’m still friends with. I would love to meet them in person one day. Not like in a MTV Catfish type of way, but just to meet them face to face to see if they’d like the real me because they seem to like or tolerate the internet persona. Also another good thing. I finally got my license November 2011. So it’s not all bad, but far from perfect. I got a job working that lasted over a year which was a positive. Getting canned wasn’t part of the plan but that old mindset that’s haunted me all my life reared its ugly head.

My test will become my testimony. Even when I doubt that, which I do, but just by what I was told at certain times of my life that’s stuck with me by not only my parents, but preachers as well, my life as it is can’t be it. Have I failed and fell? More than I care to admit. But that’s part of the pressing the Bible talks about. The old song says, “Nobody told me the road would be easy, but I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me.” So what I got to do is keep doing what I can, doing moving, and keep pressing forward. And after I’ve done all I can—

Sorry mom.

Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson