Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Joy, No Strength. No Faith, No Strength

So, so? Are you guys like boyfriend/girlfriend? Steady dates? Lovers? Come on sporto, level with me. Do you slip her the hot beef injection? WHOA THERE! Where did that come from? haha...Breakfast Club if you didn't know. Best high school movie ever made, in my opinion. Besides the fact that no black people were in it...come on VH1, let it go.

By the way, I had a great time on my trip to Illinois. Nobody asked me how the trip was going while I was on the trip, and the same people that didn't ask while I was on the trip of course asked me when I came back home. Can we say irritated? CHEA! Anyway, before the flight home, my sister, Alisha, and I were at this lady's house. I shouldn't say this lady, but I forgot her name. (Ma, help me out) Apparently mom has been showing this lady my blogs. I got nothing against that, you know. The more the merrier! Actually I should say bored, but either way. The lady gave me two topics for future blogs. 1 being "Off The Chain" and the other being "Jesus had to pray, what's wrong with you?" I'm not going to talk about either of those on this blog, but just for the heads up for the next one. :D!

What I am going to talk about is no joy no strength, no faith no strength. I know I said in a status/tweet that I was going to mention prostitution in the church, and in a way I still am. You hear it said all the time, "The joy of the Lord, is my strength." Yeah, that really sounds good, don't it? But, do you really carry the joy of the Lord or do you let the Devil ride? (Shout out Deacon Moody, the coolest deacon I've ever met.) Do you carry joy, or do you carry hate? Some of us, including me, need to check ourselves. We say the right stuff, but do we really mean it? A lot of us are weak because of our lack of joy. By the way people can sense that, which is why you can't get through to people. We often use the Bible verse, "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy's gonna come in the morning." That's true, don't get me wrong. I truly believe that, but I think and believe that we can cause the night to linger longer than it has too. For some of us, the morning could've been here, but we let the Devil influence how we think and feel. Thus we stop believing. Thus we start to doubt. When people go to the altar to give their lives to the Lord, the verse found in Romans 10:9 "That if thou confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved." A lot of people confess but they don't believe, and I think that's how we lose joy. In our heart, we truly stop believing thus we lose joy. Faith is also important for strength, because if we lose faith, we lose joy. My pastor defines faith as this, "You got to see it before you see it if you're ever going to see it." Now the Bible says, that life and death lies in the power of your tongue. So with faith, you got to see it, but I feel that speaking it will add more confidence to your faith. Now if you're gonna have faith, doubt has got to go. Trying to have faith with doubt is like trying to have a classy show on VH1. It's not going to work. I'm just saying if you're feeling weak mentally, maybe you need to get some joy in your life. Use your faith and speak that you will have some joy in your life. How to get joy, you ask? Jesus. Jesus can give you joy. As the late Rev. James Moore would say, "I know Jesus can give you joy! JOY! JOY!"

Moving on to something completely different. Obama and this fly. Really people? Is the news that slow? Even Peta got on Obama about it. I didn't know people cared much about a fly. If Obama had stomped his dog to death, then I would understand the drama. If Obama would've bit the a head of a live chicken, I would understand the news coverage. BUT he killed a fricken fly...let it go people. Let it go. Now let me say this, in honor of Peta, the next burger I eat, I'll do it honor of the fly that was killed.

So I can't think of nothing else to say. Thanks for reading. Thanks for showing this around. If only I could get some comments, ahem. Just asking. Anyway, I'll see y'all next time. Whenever that will be.

Stay Saved,

Daniel aka Big Dusty

P.S. If you noticed any mistakes, don't judge me. I didn't finish college.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Still blogging, even while in Illinois

What's good y'all? I'm still getting used to the Central standard time, but I'm getting there. I sent out a tweet yesterday saying this blog was coming and I didn't get one's not surprising, but it's all good. I'm going to keep doing this because it's my way to vent, and if you want to read and comment, the choice is yours. Let's get to some randomness.

I saw the movie The Secret Lives of Bees for the first time yesterday. It didn't make me cry, but if you're the type to cry at movies, this one would get to you. I think it was a good movie, but I kept getting frustrated. The main character, played by Dakota Fanning, ran away from home with the maid, Jennifer Hudson, and stayed with this family in South Carolina. To stay with the family, the main character told a lie, I guess to get the people to feel sorry for her. Why I kept getting frustrated is because I wanted know when the main character was going to get caught lying. Of course, my little sister, Alisha, didn't tell me anything. On purpose. Ain't it frustrating when you figure something is going to happen in a movie, but you can't find out when it's going to happen by another person? I know it is for me.

Changing the subject completely because it's my blog and I can do's what I wants. When people find out that I'm older than my little sister, they look shocked. Yes I'm older than Alisha. Yes she's in college, and I'm not. Yes she is more mature than me. La di freakin da, I shall not be judged for continuing with college and not being as mature as my sister. I shall not be judged for being and acting shy in public. Should I be myself every where I go? Yes, and I'm getting there, but until then, don't judge me. You judgers. Read the Bible sometime.

Speaking of the Bible, don't trust anyone else to be your source to know what the Bible says. Read the Bible for yourself. If you keep depending on other people for your source to the Bible, odds are they're going to lead you astray. Read and study for yourself. The Bible is the truth, and the Bible says that the truth shall make your free. How you going to be made free if you don't know the truth? So, the prop 8 situation in California. People are in a uproar for the decision to ban same sex marriages. I even see people jumping on the Bible and taking it out of context. That in itself is not surprising. That's why I say read and study the Bible itself. Is it wrong for a man to love another man? No. I love my father. I love my pastor down in South Carolina. I love the brother. I love you. Is it wrong for two men to live together? No it's not. If anything it's a good idea to have a roommate to split the rent. College dorms have two men living together all the time. The TV Show Full House is a prime example. Danny, Uncle Jessie, and Joey lived under the same roof. Now, is it wrong for a man to have sex with another man? Yes. I believe that sex is made to reproduce. I've heard it said and I'm going to use it now. I don't care how much two men rub against together, ain't no baby coming out of that. I don't care how two women much rub against together, no baby is coming out of it. I've always thought of it as a jigsaw puzzle. In a jigsaw puzzle, you can't put or leave a piece where it doesn't belong or it's going to incomplete. Men have a penis, and women have a vagina. That's a given. A penis is like a stick, and a vagina is like a hole. Follow me here. Putting the stick in the hole is common sense. It's not common sense to try to put a stick in a stick. It's not natural, and it doesn't work.

Transitioning as only I can, I got two words for Lebron James: GROW UP.

Being up here with moms has been a cool thing so far. We've definitely shared some laughs, and I can guarantee some more laughs are coming. It's 8:52 CST in the morning as I'm typing this and, as soon as my sister wakes up, she's making breakfast. I made breakfast yesterday, and it went ok. I was paranoid because I'm used to messing up all the time, but besides that it went ok.

Back to the NBA, we got the Lakers and the Magic in the Finals. Both of Shaq's former teams. I think the series has potential to be a good one. I think Magic has to do sorta what Lakers did when Shaq was in the line up. Go inside out with Dwight Howard. Also Magic need to stop making Turk a point guard. Turk needs to pass the ball. Rafer Alston needs to be on his "A" every game. If need be, go a little And 1. Rafer is a playground legend, and I think if he brings some of that in the Finals, the Magic is in good shape. Now for the Lakers. Play as a team. Play defense. Get the rebounds. Trust each other. Easy. I think the Lakers take it in 6. Lakers are easily the better team, and I think the championship experience will take them to the trophy.

Well that's all for this week. If y'all did read, I appreciate it. Stay in touch for more blogging next week.

Stay Saved,

Daniel aka Big d