Saturday, November 19, 2011


(Whistling in a way like trying to be inconspicuous about my long hiatus from blogging) Oh hi! Hello there. This is, um, Melvin (Melvin?) M. M. Merks. The M. M. stands for Melvin Melvin. Yes! Melvin Melvin Melvin. You see when I was a kid, my mother was so disappointed in me that she would shake her head and say, “Melvin Melvin Melvin.” And it stuck with

I have no words to explain my hiatus from blogging. Something I love to do. Something that I feel some of you actually enjoy reading. I’ve actually got messages on Facebook about my blogs and how they are enjoyed. My mom enjoys them. You know you’re doing good when your mother enjoys what you do. A lot has happened since the last blog folks. A lot has happened. First and foremost, I got a job! No not Job from the Bible, I mean job as in work, but I assume you already knew that….anyway, yes, FINALLY, I am working. Customer service before any of you ask, and I think that’s about all I can say about it without getting in trouble. Oh, and another big thing has happened since that last b-log—b-log? I got my license. That’s right, my license to kill!!! (Awkward pause) Ahem, actually I got my license to drive…you crazy!! (Awkward pause) Ok ok, I got my driver’s license, ok? There, I said it.

So yeah, a lot of things have been happening for your boy, Big Dusty, and God aint through yet. I’m really enjoying being able to drive myself around for a change. Now the only person I have to depend on to get me somewhere is me. That’s a huge weight off my shoulders I don’t mind telling you. Being able to drive myself to work, church, any place I want to eat…that’s a huge step for me.

To say I’m enjoying this new job would be lying. Don’t get me wrong, after years of not working, it feels good to be earning a check again. On the other hand this job could be setting me up for something in the future. Part of my job is talking to random strangers, something that I never thought I would do. I barely talk to my mom, sorry mom, and now I got to talk to strangers for a living? It’s crazy right?

One good thing I will say, and one of the few things I can actually publicly say about this job is that my co-workers have seen the real me. That’s a big thing for me to say because usually it takes me a long time to come out my shell, but from the first day on the job, I’ve been myself. Weather my jokes went over or not. To be quite honest, my stuff hardly ever goes over, but hey, at least I’m not walking around with a mean mug on my face like I did most of my school days. That turned people away. Now that I’m being myself people are still turned away, but at least it’s because of me and not a false image of what I was trying to be, know what I mean?

Now that I’m working and now that I’m driving, I look over my life and think, “Look where He’s (God) brought me from.” I’m the same guy that would cry when strangers talked to me because I was shy and scared to talk to people. I’m the same guy that hid myself from people because I was worried of what people thought about me. I’m the same guy that would rock back and forth crying because of depression. I’m the same guy that would cry when a mic got in my hand because I did not ever want to sing in front of people. I’m the same guy that would get told that I’m getting picked up to go somewhere and get stood up. Look at me now. I got a job. I got my driver’s license. I make videos on YouTube exposing who I really am to the world. I make people laugh and smile daily at work. I attempt to make people laugh and smile on Twitter and Facebook. As of this blog, this past Sunday, I led praise and worship at church. I lead songs at church with no hesitation. When people talk bad about me, I think of the people out there that got my back. I think of all of you that has supported me for over five years now. “Look where He’s brought me from. He’s brought me from a mighty long way!”

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Stay Saved,

Daniel Richerson aka Big Dusty